Wednesday, June 13, 2018

It’s a fine thing – worth the wait (and the knitting). Our guide, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, has been working at Murrayfield for seven years, but has only recently seen the real cup, replacing the replica which has been displayed since 2008. She said that the colour was slightly different, and showed us a small flaw in one of the handle-serpents.

She unlocked the case so that we could get up close and personal – as long as we didn’t touch it.

We saw a good many other sporting trophies on our tour. They all look rather tin-plated, compared to the Calcutta Cup.

Not much else. I’ve got The Men In, replacing my hopelessly decrepit central heating boiler. I didn’t really want to curl up for a nap while they were here, so am ending the day in a fairly feeble state.

Shandy, I think I’ll be able to get back from Oban all right. It’s a small town. The embark-and-disembark point is not far from the station, and the second time, it will be familiar. It’s not the sort of holiday on which I am likely to have filled my suitcase with heavy souvenirs. All I have to do is drag it along the sea-front to the station and sit there, knitting or reading my book, until a Glasgow-bound train turns up. Changing to an Edinburgh-bound one in Glasgow will also, that time, be a familiar process.

And I’ll be going home to my cats, not off on a strange adventure.

No luck with Freecell. I’ve tried a Microsoft Help page, but clearly the behaviour of the Control Panel changes from version to version, and the lucid instructions provided are of no use to me.


  1. Will you need to change train stations in Glasgow? Several years ago when DH & I spent a couple weeks in Scotland, we found that we arrived in one station and had to go to another to get from Mallaig to Edinburgh. Something you should know in advance

    1. I’m pretty sure not — it will be Queen Street for both trains. But that’s a good point.

  2. CarolM7:10 PM

    What a spectacularly beautiful cup...thanks for the photos!

  3. Thanks for the photos. You've done a wonderful job with the cup. And I quite like that tote bag!

  4. Hurrah! The Cup meets the knitter and knitting at last!

  5. Anonymous1:03 PM

    So glad you had a fruitful visit to see the real Cup.
    Thanks for the lovely photos.