Monday, June 18, 2018

There really is nothing to report today. The entire time has been spent worrying about (and paying for) the car. Helen nobly went off somewhere this afternoon to see if she could fetch the new Resident’s Permit home for me, but it turned out the office has been moved to Corstorphine. (I’ve heard of it.) It’s probably no use going tomorrow, wherever Corstorphine is, because by then – surely – the new permit will be in the mail.

Archie has emboldened me to believe I’ll be able to pay by mobile telephone and bank card. Coins have run out. I’ll have to do that before 8:30 tomorrow morning. If successful, that’ll take me to lunchtime. And the new permit could be in tomorrow’s mail.

Archie and a dear friend and I went to lunch at a humble but delicious Korean restaurant over near the University and the Central Mosque. I don’t think their kimchi was quite as good as mine, however.

What a pleasure it is to anticipate a holiday with no concerns for passports or currency or language! Preparations (largely complete) have been suspended, however, until I get my Resident’s Parking Permit.

I am tempted to write you a whole blog entry about SEX. I recently bought the well-reviewed White Houses for my Kindle and the first few pages have made me cross. Maybe soon, but I’m too tired tonight.

Now I’ll go knit for a while.


  1. Well Eleanor Roosevelt is one of my heroes but I have no interest at all in her sex life. You'll have to let us know if this book turns out to be worthwhile or just an invasion of privacy (which is what I suspect). Never thought I'd be such a prude in my old age!

  2. I'm on tenterhooks: a whole entry on SEX! I can't wait.

    I was delighted to be able to book for Helen's mosaic class on 14th August. Edinburgh is a fair step for me, but not as far as Mt Pelion. It will just be a long day.

    1. Please tell us all about the class. I’m jealous!

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  4. I was surprised to hear that there is a Korean restaurant in Edinburgh at all and then after googling that there are several.