Monday, September 27, 2004

The "Striped Fringe" scarf

The finished scarf Posted by Hello
This was knit from a pattern in the magazine "Interweave Knits" -- last winter's issue, I think. The point, which is made none too clearly in the photograph, is that the lengthwise stripes deconstruct into a deep fringe at either end. The yarn is Louet's Gems Merino, and the leftovers are being formed into the Baby Surprise mentioned yesterday.

I wonder if I got the right quality of yarn. I bought it from, and when I got to their (excellent) webpage, I found that the 50 gram skeins had slightly less yardage than the magazine had specified, so I ordered 100 gram skeins "to be on the safe side" -- so are stashes formed. Only this time it was the right thing to do, as I used about 65 grams for each stripe, and the resulting scarf is pretty heavy. Is there a lighter-weight version of the yarn?

Anyway, it's pretty nice. I've sent it to a stylish neice, husband's sister's daughter, on my husband's suggestion. I think he was afraid I'd sashay around Edinburgh wearing it myself.

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  1. hi jean! saw your posting on the knitlist and just wanted to say your blog looks like it is coming right along! i didn't get mine figured out that fast. good luck, can't wait to see more of your knitting pics.