Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fete des Morts

Failure. I think I must be doing something wrong -- the yarn is too heavy, perhaps? Above is my twirly, swirly scarf. I've doubled the no. of stitches twice, but the third time is proving too much for me. Too tight. No fun. I suppose it's got to be tight in order to twirl and swirl, but this is beyond a joke. So tonight I'll rip it out and fall blissfully back into the arms of the Princess shawl edging.

I'll go on following links and thinking about such scarves, though. I'd still like to do one.


Dooce, whom I read regularly, says this morning that she makes a living writing the blog. Franklin, why not give up the day job? Moreover, you'd have the sort of ads I'd like to follow up; unlike hers.

I read in the Scotsman yesterday that if Mr Alito is confirmed, the Court will have a Catholic majority. That doesn't seem right. In fact, it seems wierd.

Thank you for the link, Grace (in yesterday's comment). I followed it and enjoyed.



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