Friday, November 04, 2005

The "Ridged Raglan" pattern is in Knitter's Spring '99, Janis. Well worth getting out of the pile and having a look at. I'm pretty sure I knit a second, successful one.

Once you start looking for whirly scarves, Lynne, you begin to find them all over the place. It was seeing one in Marks and Spencer that got me started, too. The one I'm struggling with is pretty well like this one: See also -- a whole website devoted to them, with lots of links.

The essence of the thing is to cast on stitches for the finished length you want, using needles somewhat larger than you normally would for the yarn chosen. The one I'm doing has a cable cast-on, presumably for firmness, and uses a needle one size larger again for forming the stitches.

Row 1: knit

Row 2: knit into the front and back of every stitch.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 twice more. Knit one more row. Cast off, using the larger needle again.

My cyber-friend Judith, who is knitting these as fast as she can because everyone who sees one, wants one, then picks up stitches along the cast-on edge and repeats the process in the other direction.

There is also a very interesting pattern in the book "Scarf Style" which uses a completely different technique, knitting the scarf from end to end, ruffle by ruffle, using short rows.

Me, I finished row 18 on the Princess Shawl Edging last night and, against my better judgment, started 19. There I'll have to leave it. I have pattern, yarn and needle ready for the First Holy Communion veil, and hope to get to that this evening.

Today, at last, I will have that tooth crowned.

Lorna, yes, it was the Scotsman. And thank you for the sudoku like -- do I dare look? I've bookmarked your website and intend to continue following your adventures.

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