Friday, September 15, 2006

Here we are again, and as often in this situation, it’s hard to know where to start.


No fewer than five VKB’s are coming up for sale next Saturday afternoon, the 23rd, all within less than two minutes, a couple of them within seconds of each other. A good many more than five, in fact, are on sale, all from the same seller who has clearly struck paydirt. One of them is no. 10, which will be the earliest one I own if I wind up owning it.

We haven’t seen “Losing It” yet, featuring Flora Spencer-Longhurst. (See previous blog entry.) We recorded it (I hope) while we were away, but last night watched “Low Winter Sun”. The scene which might have involved our front steps, if we had said yes, was absolutely pivotal. Characters watched and re-watched the purported CCTV footage of it.

Meanwhile Flora got a good write-up in the Waffy. She clearly had an important role, and was mentioned by name.

We had a good, hard-working two days in the country. My main achievement was to run the lawnmower until it ran dry – the state in which I am instructed to put it away for the winter. It took me an hour and 40 minutes, and I’m glad to have the job done. The vegetable garden is overflowing with abundance, now that there’s nobody around to eat the stuff.

Malabrigo 003

I think the mysterious white circle must be a raindrop. It was a lousy day yesterday, all day long.

The Malabrigo is nearly finished. You can’t see the nicely short-row’d shoulder line in this picture, but I achieved it. One more trip north should see it done. It’s wonderfully cosy and soft and I’m hugely looking forward to wearing it.

Malabrigo 004


I’m doing row 108. So I might reach the Big Half Way this evening – row 110.

I was tremendously encouraged by your comment, Jean K. You’re just far enough ahead of me to give me hope.

I will certainly do a trial piece of the Laurel Leaf pattern when I get there. What I don’t understand is the instruction for the stars: “slip one, knit two together, psso, but before slipping the slipped stitch off the needle, make 1 by bringing the yarn forward, then knit 1 into the slipped stitch.” It will probably become clear when I try it, and if not, I am sure you will help, or Sharon herself.

Sharon says that she cast off the final border row. I plan to keep the stitches live, if I ever get that far. Which did you do?


Cathy, thanks for the news about newsstands. I always used to buy VK that way, well into the 90’s when we moved to Edinburgh. I can happily remember the thrill of spotting it. I can remember my sad search in the late 60’s for the one that never appeared, when the original British version which I am now so expensively collecting, went down. But eventually (in 90’s Edinburgh) it simply got to be too much like hard work, so I subscribed.

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