Saturday, September 16, 2006

The news on the knitting front this morning is that Sharon is going to publish a small book in November. (She and Mike will publish it themselves.) She is hard at work on Heirloom Knitting II, and we are all breathlessly awaiting the result. But yesterday she posted this to the HK Yahoo group:

“More HK was getting so big - as big as the first and counting, so I decided to break off the 'coloured knitting section' and issue it as a stand-by-itself book….

It is to be the same size (A4) softback as HK and More HK, but will have 64 pages - well illustrated - I'm not boasting, it's got loads of original photographs and pictures from the Victorian era. and charts for about 32 border recipes, knitting haps inwards and outwards and anything else - written and charted too!”

I hoped I could put in an instant pre-order, but it’s not listed on the website yet.

Jamie Oliver has another book coming out in November, too – the darkness seems unusually appealing this year.


I’m glad you’re still here, Calantha. I still treasure “boustrophedon”. I think you’re right, that I should see ‘Good Night and Good Luck.’ And I’m sure you’re right, that I must have heard Edward R. Murrow in my youth. What I meant was (if anything) that I had never heard any of his famous broadcasts from London during the Blitz.

Janet, in the Good Old Days, the Vogue Knitting Book was a British publication. Conde Nast, of course. I don’t know what its relationship was to the similarly-titled magazine published in America, nor which came first. These are things I must find out. The British one finally ceased publication in the late 60’s. I already owned pretty well all of them since I got married in ’57, and a few earlier ones. Since I discovered eBay I am hard (and expensively) at work completing the set. (In the late '60's, 1957 seemed a remote and distant date.)

I’m still missing plenty. Assuming I sweep the board a week today, I will still want 1-9, 11-16, 18-22, 25-27, 29 and (oddly) 43. VKB’s aren’t dated, for the most part, only numbered, although there were a couple right after the war that had dates on the cover.

Next Saturday’s seller is offering 11 in all, on a tight time frame. I want five of them, and I must have a look at my set to see if there are any in bad condition, or coverless, that I might venture a low bid to improve.

Another thing I don’t know and should find out is whether the American “International” Vogue was published continuously, or whether it, too, vanished for a while in the 60’s and early 70’s.

Daisy, alas, I downloaded that shawl calculator but it will only handle triangulars of a known number of rows.

Jean, I’m sorry to hear of your accidents. I had a run-in with an olive oil bottle in Kirkmichael last week. I grabbed at it as it went, and cut my right thumb rather sorely, and my very first thought was, do I need my right thumb when I knit? I had no idea of the answer until I sat down and re-engaged the yarn. I was pleased to find that the right thumb is scarcely involved.

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