Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The first day of the rest of our lives. Monday is a grotesquely inconvenient day to have Christmas on, but the perfect day to start a New Year. And now it’s Tuesday, no more cider, strict attention to business.

Thank you for the kind remarks about the new Blog layout. Blogger has been plugging this new version for some time. When I saw yesterday that Joe had gone over, I decided I had better follow suit – jump before I was pushed. Now I’ve got a sidebar with an “email me” and a proper list of favourite blogs; very grown-up. On the other hand, Haloscan comments seem to have disappeared, and I fear the invisible hit counter Alexander wrote has gone down the same tube.

We’ll see how we get on with Blogger’s own comments this time. I’m sorry to see my old ones swept away, though – including at least two from yesterday. Somebody provided a link to a site about colour knitting; I hadn’t followed it yet, and now it’s gone. Could I have it again, please?

And we’ll see how we get on with pictures. I’ve been using Flickr, but it would be quicker and easier to use Blogger itself, if it works.


The discovery of that bag of Louet Gems Merino oddballs yesterday has inflamed me, in a mild way. A Google search restricted to UK sites suggests that maybe Hipknits is soon to have it. I’ll keep watching.

I knit this scarf (from IK) in ’04,

and this jacket (by Candace Strick) in the same year, the latter as my Games entry for that year. (That's granddaughter Rachel, modelling it.) It was unplaced, like last year’s shrug. Both were in Louet Gems Merino, and I have since discovered that Rowan 4-Ply Soft is very similar. So I’ve got a nice little bagful. It’s a delight to knit with. And I’ve got all those little people to knit for, who will soon get big and stop wearing wool.

I got all excited yesterday to see a new post in The Princess Diaries, and was disappointed to find that it only said how discouraged K. is feeling about the project. I hope Knitterguy will be able to cheer her up. Maybe I’ll do a month or so of my own Princess when the Calcutta Cup sweater is finished. Mine is still in the middle of the row I was doing the day I fell and broke my arm.


  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Like the new layout Jean.! I am seeking some advice: I've recently discovered that I’m pregnant, much to my mother’s delight. I spent a few days at home in Ireland over Christmas, pawing over my old Christening robes, beautifully made by my grandmother. I’m seriously thinking about making a christening shawl to go with this, but am not sure where to start.

    I’ve done a bit of lace knitting in the past – fairly straightforward Fibretrends patterns – and am certainly not scared of attempting something a lot more challenging. The only things I’m concerned about are the amount of time something bigger would suck up, and also where to start! Have you any advice?

  2. Hi Jean,

    Wow, the new layout looks spiffy. Good job.

    I look forward to seeing your Princess. Maybe I'll even start mine. :)

    Happy New Year!


  3. Catriona,
    If I may interject my own humble opinion regarding a Christening shawl. GO FOR IT!
    I would suggest making a faroese shawl... they have a very interesting construction, and they will stay put during the christening ceremony AND they're extra warm. There are some lovely faroese patterns online at fiddlesticks knitting (google search), or you can use my favorite book A Gathering Of Lace.

  4. Really like having the photos on the blog and not on flickr.