Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I wanted to put in an appearance today because it is the 300th anniversary of the Treaty of Union, the birth of the United Kingdom. It is being widely celebrated as a non-event, but today's weather forecast, from the Scotsman, clumsily scanned, suggests that at least they noticed on Mount Olympus:

Natalie, I love your idea that we might be able to knit our way to the Calcutta Cup!


  1. Heh! I always knew we had the best of it :-P

    Everyone seems to be blameing everyone else for the apparent state of dissatisfaction with the Union. Me, I think it's more dissatisfaction with the political set of whatever hue than the state of the nation. I'm very happy being British, but not so happy to be associated with the drivel coming out of Westminster and parts of Holyrood.

  2. Is a "Happy Birthday" song in order?

    for all us UK challenged, could we have a little arrow to see where "Mount Olympus" is? I thought it was in greece :-)

  3. thanks so much for showing the inside of the jumper (progress is impressive!). Having done so, I'm a little concerned. In the fair isle I'm doing (i'm going to get it back on the cable any moment now...) I've been carrying the woll up the inside for each row and only clipped it off at the end fo the fair isle band. Now I'm wondering whether that was a bad idea! You seem to start a new strand each round of knitting. Is there a reason for doing it this way or personal preference?

  4. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Yes. Thanks also for the photograph of the "guts". I think I will have to wait and see how many complaints about itchiness I get before I decide if the hat and mittens need linings (I'm using harrisville yarn). With linings I can probably tie and trim. Without, I expect I will have to weave all the ends in.

    Have a great time in Strathardle.


  5. I was a complete and utter bitch all day in "celebration". I think I'll fling a haggis at someone for the 400th. Yes, I'll still be here, it'll take me that long to knit all of my stash.