Friday, March 02, 2007

Here’s the current state of play of the Calcutta Cup ’06 sweater, with an attempted close-up of the raglan shaping. I’ve elected to dedicate only one stitch each from body and sleeve to serve as the decrease points and to be knit in the background colour every round.

The Nesting Shawl pattern turned up yesterday. It’s stunning, and most unusual. Now all I need is a great-grandchild.

No yarn yet. I’m waiting for the order from Jamieson & Smith, to keep me going on the sweater; and for The Yarn Yard club March offering. In the latter case, waiting is a good deal of the fun.


Sarah, one gets nowhere by clicking on the “knittingand” link that came with your comment yesterday – but the URL you actually provided in the comment works fine. What a lot of work you’ve done, and what a valuable resource you have created!

Therese de Dillmont provides an explanation of her terms at the beginning of the booklet I mentioned yesterday. I’m sure you’re right about “1 purl intake”.

Bishop Rutt says that Mrs Gaugain, in the 1840’s, was the first to publish a Shetland shawl pattern. I think I’ve got it, and will try to have a look today when I should be doing something else – just to see if I can follow the general idea. Sowerby in “Victorian Lace Today” is good and interesting on Mrs Gaugain.

While I was wandering around your site, Sarah, I found your Kids Knit book which I think I’ll have to get for my grandson Alistair. He got started knitting when he was with us in Kirkmichael last summer, and he was seriously good at it – just like the St-Paul-on-the-Road-to-Damascus pupil whom Franklin describes in Wednesday’s post. But he didn’t bring his knitting along when they came for Christmas, and seemed rather evasive on the subject. I’m rather afraid that gender stereotypes may be submerging him. I’ll try again. His sister Rachel also knits but so far doesn’t show Alistair’s ability.

Jean, I will hold you to your promise of an account of the LYS’s in suburban Surrey, the very first time I visit Carshalton.


  1. Anonymous6:19 PM

    The Club yarn should be with you in the morning, it was tucked into it's shiny blue wrapper in the wee small hours of this morning and my lovely Postlady in the village PO organised all the stamps and franks for me today.
    I await your comment with bated, and rather nervous breath.

  2. I think I recognise that stitch marker. Is it from an electric toothbrush? Oral B (IIRC) supplies these little coloured rings for ID purposes in a multi-user household.

    They are very durable and will fit up to 5mm comfortably, as well as being different colours to differentiate sleeves from body, etc.

    Also, Jean, I can't work out what the area at the bottom of the photo is. Have you left the work open at the underarm gusset, and that's the wrong side appearing through the gap?

    Can't wait to see it finished...

  3. your sweater is amazing. looking so much forward to seeing it when finished. a great grandchild will hopefully take some time to emerge.... but one can always knit a beautiful shawl.

  4. Anonymous11:20 PM

    I look forward to providing information, and say thanks for giving me the perfect excuse for more research.
    The sweater looks so good - you have got the colours so well balanced.