Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Not very far at all into row 171. I shouldn’t have started it.

One of those days when It’s All Happening…

Kristie, you were right! The package from the Schoolhouse Press turned up yesterday. I had completely forgotten what I’d ordered, so it was like getting a present. The answer is:

Invisible Threads in Knitting by Annemor Sundro
Anatolian Knitting Designs by Betsy Harrell and
Simply Shetland 2 &3 (why not 1?)

I had a whole bookcase built for my knitting books a couple of years ago, filling an otherwise unusable space in the passage. It’s full to bursting.

I’ve started with Invisible Threads. Sundro is the woman who rescued fragments of Norwegian sweaters from the pile in the rag factory and wrote “Everyday Knitting: Treasures from a Rag Pile”. She’s also the author of “Lusekofta fra Setesdal” which I seem to have in Norwegian – that must have been a Schoolhouse Press purchase. It is entirely devoted to the Norwegian lice-patterned sweater.

Invisible Threads meanders about through Norwegian history and traditions and symbols – I’m skimming. It is interspersed with simple and interesting patterns, Vibeke Lind-style. I was most interested to discover that the well known curse-of-knitting-for-the-boyfriend is part of Norwegian folk belief – don’t knit him a sweater until he proposes.


Natalie writes that The Yarn Yard April Sock Club package is in the mail. It’s early because she’s going on holiday. So maybe today!

I read the American eBay Vogue Knitting list yesterday, as I have determined to do every Monday. Nothing for me, but I found three war-time VKBs on offer from a seller in the Netherlands. (I think she’d have done better to offer them on the British list.) How did they get there? I like to think of an intrepid Dutch Resistance worker asking London to slip the new VKB into the package which was going to be dropped to her in the dark of the moon.


I’m going to a hospital today for a scan to determine whether I have osteoporosis. Should be interesting. My husband will have to meet the friends from Boston off their train by himself.

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  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    I wondered if "Invisible Threads" was one of you expecteds from Schoolhouse Press - I will be getting it myself as soon as Lent is over! You are having a bit of a Norwegian spell at the moment. The one about the Setesdal sweaters is available in English - I bought my copy at Fibrecrafts, near Godalming, which is one of the places in Suburban Surrey that I was putting on the list to tell you. Not that is sells yarn-ready-to-use, but they have kit and equipment for all kind of fibre and yarn crafts, and books that you would never see elsewhere.