Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Janet, we will have the primrose as the March picture on the projected Burnside calendar. I am desperately touched that anyone should be interested. Details on my website, link in sidebar.

There’s a new entry on my sister’s family blog (sidebar) – I like multiple-author blogs a lot, I’ve decided. The Knit Sisters is/are another good one.

As for knitting, there is, as usual, little to report. I have made a start on row 178 of the Princess border. Row 176 was the 4/5’s mark, 80%. Somehow, whichever way you put it, it only serves to emphasize how far there is to go. The next landmark, not far away, will be the nodding of the sprouting seeds.

I am devoid of other thoughts, this morning. I got a set of Real Photographs back from the processor yesterday – I hardly ever take any, any more, and the film had been in the camera for more than a year. But I still prefer them for archival purposes, to put away with my knitting notes.

Here – we must have seen it before – is the First Holy Communion veil I knit for James’ and Cathy’s daughters in Beijing a year ago. (Notice the initials: I'm rather proud of them: "RM" for Rachel Miles, who has already worn it; "KM" for her little sister Kirsty.) Maybe my target-for-today can be to add that page to the website: I don’t think there are any patterns for communion veils “out there” (a much-used phrase these days which irritates my husband endlessly) and my notes explain, at least, how to set about it.


  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    I think, judging from the comments on Franklin's blog yesterday, that you are going to have to spend some time posting the lace alphabet--lots of interest; several people came to your blog expecting to find the Final Word in alphabets and were disappointed to find just real life and interesting knitting. And how nice to have contributed to his christening shawl. (not to mention being called a goddess),

  2. Anonymous4:10 PM

    I remember watching in awe as you knit that veil last year. :) A lovely piece of work--and your notes would be a wonderful resource, too!

  3. Oh, please, don't post the notes on the first communiun veil, my only daughter will take her first communion next year and I'll feel mother guilt for years if I don't make her veil. Your blog is great and the veil is beautiful

  4. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Jean, I am enjoying your blog, particularly your quest for VK. I tend to be relentless when I'm tracking down reading or pattern items. Alas, I had a few older pattern booklets from a great aunt, but can't figure out what I did with them. Perhaps one of those boxes that didn't get opened from the last move. The lace is beautiful. I am encouraged to start another lace project to challenge myself.

  5. Anonymous5:58 PM

    I've been a reader for a while although a silent one.
    Your knitting is lovely! I always enjoy the photos and up until today the writing. I was very disappointed to see comments about irritating personalities. Isn't there enough negative in the world without knitters picking on each other?

  6. Anonymous9:49 PM

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