Friday, April 06, 2007

Lace alphabet

The big news is in the first comment yesterday -- susoolu says that that issue of Piecework with Bridget Rorem’s alphabet, is still available from Interweave. If you think that ever, under the most remote imaginable circumstances, you might want a knitted lace alphabet, buy it now.

And I have just spent a pleasant quarter-hour reading susoolu’s blog instead of writing this one.

Knitting etc

I’m nearing the end of row 183 of the Princess border – the asymmetrical fun is about to begin. I have decided to carry on with it not only today but also tomorrow, and then take the “weekend” of little-boy-sweater-knitting on Sunday and Monday, before going to London on Tuesday. It saves a certain amount of backing-and-forthing. Switching projects, in any direction, involves a brief but uncomfortable period of readjustment for both mind and fingers. It might as well be kept to a minimum.

Also, the little-boy-sweater goes better with cider.

Do have a look at Kathy’s blog – link in sidebar. She’s getting on splendidly with the centre of her Princess, and also seems to have time for a hefty amount of other knitting. How is it done?

I think I’ve finished replacing the lace element on my new website. Perhaps I’ll get started on “Other Knitting” today.


Neither of us is much looking forward to London, but there is Art to be Seen. Spring is suddenly here – today is the 3rd day of it – and we’d both rather be in Strathardle. I have tried to assuage the longing by planting Misticanza di Radicchio seeds in a trough on the doorstep, but it doesn’t help much. My potatoes, which have been chitting in the dining room for a month or so, are now rarin’ to go, and I hate to ask them to wait another fortnight. (The labels identify five different varieties, and will probably be misplaced on the journey north.) It’s not just the going to London, it’s the coming back exhausted to a knee-high pile of mail and a week’s laundry.


  1. Anonymous8:58 PM

    You're right about some comments that can hurt people. I can't imagine the negativity that exists in blogland. I think a lot of it is jealousy. If one doesn't like a knitting personality than he shouldn't read his books or blogs. There is no need to trash him. Perhaps we think we are more important that we really are. The opinions of self appointed knitting experts are really not that important. And if some people spend the life only seeing the negative side of people and things than I don't want to read what they write.

  2. How long does it take to get the train down to London? As mentioned before, I have all these old girls' school stories and one of them mentions the overnight express from London to Glasgow and it seemed a pretty dour and long trip. The railways may have updated but I'm guessing that a long trip is still A LONG TRIP!. We're headed into autumn here which means our daffodils have started to sprout! No wonder our Canadian friend were confused about bulb plants when they visited - our were sprouting at the same time as theirs were back home! : )