Friday, August 31, 2007

Sarah R (new comment on my post of a couple of days ago): you had me worried, but I Google’d on “George Bush in Glen Isla” and there he was. Google puts my recent blog entry first – no flies on those boys – but then gets down to more authoritative sources.

It was in 1959. He stayed with a family called Gammell. Not cattle, but sheep. And the connection with Bush, Sr., was not agricultural anyway, but investment banking and oil. Bush’s particular friend was named Jamie, and I’m happy to be able to report that a J.E.B. Gammell of Glen Isla is still to be found in the Tayside telephone book.

While we’re wandering around the internet: I’ve been playing with Ravelry, and I’m tremendously impressed. Is this what FaceBook and similar programs are like? I got the Princess in, and this morning I find that fargoknitter has added me to her friends! I can well imagine abandoning real life altogether, and living happily ever after in Ravelry.

But back to knitting. I have pressed on into the third, uncharted, pattern repeat of the Princess centre, and I think everything is more or less all right. Leaving one row unattached – to make up for the dropped stitches mentioned yesterday – seems to work fine. I found another stitch about to be dropped – that is: as I came to pick up the next stitch from one of the borders, I noticed that the stitch before it wasn’t on the holder. How did that happen? But I rescued it successfully and henceforth will check carefully every time I pick up a stitch.

I’m tremendously impressed to learn that Kathy means to progress from the Princess to the Wedding Ring shawl. Me, if I ever finish this I’m going to spend the rest of my life knitting socks and hats and jumpers for very small children. She’s young


  1. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Now Jean, I'm sure once you finish the Princess you'll miss lace knitting and just have to find another lace pattern to knit...all those pretty things in Victorian Lace Today, for example.

  2. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I think I am a little relieved to think that he did actually visit somewhere outside the US before he was President. Though it didn't seem, alas, to do anything for his world-view.

    The Princess, by the by, is lovely. As are your grandkids. I got here via Franklin and, while not an every-day visitor, do enjoy your blog a lot.