Saturday, September 01, 2007

Yesterday was the actual anniversary – the Princess of Wales made it memorable by dying on our 40th. We have never celebrated anniversaries, and we didn’t yesterday, but it was pleasant to think of. Helen sent us these flowers, as welcome and preposterous in their way as the Glenisla Shield:

I watched a teeny tiny bit of yesterday’s carry-on, while setting up the video to record something else. Those Royals can do timing. The Queen’s car pulled up, in stately fashion, in time for her to emerge calmly, greet the waiting clergyman, kiss her son and grandsons, and take her place for the procession. No standing around, no sense of haste. And then the procession moved off at precisely 12 noon.

The funeral itself, 10 years ago, was even more impressive, because the coffin was brought by horses from Kensington Palace where Diana lived across London to Westminster Abbey. It was carried in as Big Ben struck the hour. They must have been pacing it out all week, with stop watches.

One of the many things I mistrusted about Bill Clinton in the early days was his spectacular unpunctuality.

However, this isn’t advancing the subject of knitting.

I’m past the half-way mark of the third pattern repeat in the Princess centre. I think there are eight altogether, maybe nine, and of course since I am at the apex of a rapidly widening triangle, I’m nothing like a third of the way through.

Here’s the plan: I’ll knit on like this until we next go to Strathardle – not long hence, I hope. Then I’ll lay it aside.

I’ll bring Ketki’s gansey and the gansey-books back here to base and finish (after bringing the Princess centre to a suitable stopping-place) and then proceed to Theo’s. Here’s the yarn for his, looking rather alarmingly baby-blue. The hope is that it will look faded-denim when knit, especially if the promised slight unevenness in the dye manifests itself.

I forgot to measure Theo when he was here, so I must send him instructions.

And that will leave Strathardle free for a new project.

If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans for tomorrow.

Helen is on her way south from Strathardle at this very moment, with three fierce boys. She’s leaving for Thessaloniki tomorrow before dawn, and will be much missed. She’ll bring with her six copies of the Blairgowrie Advertiser. We’re splashed all over it, she says.


  1. Jean, this is not so much a comment about today's blog but your blog in general: Just have to tell you how much I love it. I'm a pom (from just over the border) now living in Australia and your wonderful entries make me sigh with 'melancholera' (my husband's word - I love it). How I miss my day trips to Edinburgh and my meanderings around the highlands. Do have a lovely day, for you often make mine.

  2. Belated Congratulations on your 50th anniversary! A marriage of that length is indeed rare in today's society. I suppose it always was, but people used to die before reaching their 50th, now they just get divorces.
    You and your husband can be proud of passing that milestone. No pun intended -- well, maybe just a small one.

  3. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Congratulations (slightly belated) to you both on the Significant Anniversary. You have been married precisely ten years and two days longer that me!
    Here's to the next ten.

  4. Most colors of yarn look a bit darker after they're knit up, and I've had many light blues 'grey out' (look greyish) once I've knit them. I once had a yarn that looked exactly like that turn a slate blue after knitting. So you may be in luck with the yarn. It looks lovely.

    Congratulations on the anniversary. It's lovely to know people still stay together for so long.

  5. Whether you celebrate it or not, the golden is too auspicious not to offer you congratulations.

  6. Congratulations on reaching your 50th! Maybe you could have a special outing and call it your celebration. Or maybe just having your family with you at Strathardle was celebration enough.

  7. Anonymous1:02 AM

    I remember my grandparents 50th; it seemed like something so unattainable. Congratulations to you and the Mister. I hope to be in possession of your sense of humor and wry outlook when the hubs and I reach that milestone.

  8. I'm reading your posts in "scrolling-down" order today.
    We do celebrate our anniversarys. this year will be our 42nd.
    It's on September 11th!!!

  9. Happy 50th anniversary! wow I hope I make hubby and I can do as well!
    The Princess as always is awe inspireing