Monday, October 08, 2007

I’ve wound a skein of yarn for Theo’s sweater – not exactly tangled, but it wasn't entirely easy; I hope they’re not all like that – and looked at some books. I’m going to go ahead and swatch my original choice, Brown-Reinsel’s “snakes and ladders” pattern (it’s on the cover), but will keep Meg’s preference for horizontal patterns in mind.

And I’ve done some more Shapely Shawlette – second eyelet panel finished.

And catalogued some more books. I’m doing my beloved lace books at the moment.

I got a lovely message from Maryjo in Kazakhstan yesterday, asking who I am in Ravelry. “Tayside00” is the answer. When I first signed up with Yahoo, I wanted “Strathardle” but someone already had it, and I wasn’t going to be Strathardle02 behind G*les, if he it was, so I went for Tayside instead.

I’ve just added that tidbit of information to the sidebar.


  1. Well I whiled away several hours joining library thing and adding books, thanks to you. Truly thanks to you, because I used your library as my list to add from, thinking we'd share a few titles, and it made the process much simpler. I have more to add, too.

  2. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Now I am curious, you have competition as knitterly representative of Strathardle?


  3. Hi, Jean, I'm HokieKnitter on Ravelry. I sent a message to add you to my friend's list if you don't mind. I'm spending good knitting time adding books, too, after seeing your example.