Friday, May 30, 2008

Alice Starmore – the Alice Starmore – grew up on the Isle of Lewis and still lives there. I’ve been wandering around her Virtual Yarn site. So she’s quite likely to be the protester I mentioned yesterday. On the other hand, the rest of her family may still be there, too, and another one of them might be named Alice.

I’m knitting the heel flap of Cathy’s second sock. I also got a lot more financial tidying done yesterday. If I am suddenly called to my reward this week or next, they’ll find things in much better order than they would have last week.

The current plan is to go to Kirkmichael next week, probably Tuesday, for two nights. I may be able to wheedle a third. The forecast for next week is not too bad. Yesterday was warm and encouraging in Edinburgh but the man said on the radio this morning that Perthshire had been the wettest place in the UK.

Walking about the city streets in the sunshine, I thought of a remark of Nanny Hawkins’ in “Brideshead Revisited”, although when I found it, it was not exactly as I remembered. She wonders why the upper classes go to London for the “season” just about now – “what they want to go to London for in the best of the summer and the gardens all out, I never have understood.”



I am, although untagged, rather tempted by the current meme. Chronic Knitting Syndrome and Knitterguy have done it. It might be just the thing to assist a struggle out of the Horse Latitudes.

I liked this account of the recent Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat – found the link on Joe’s blog. It reminded me of how I felt at Camp Stitches in ’99, only more so, because a man who knits is so often thought to be breaking a gender-rule. They clearly had a lot of fun together.


  1. I had never to my knowledge heard of the horse latitudes, till last night I listened to an interview with a woman who wrote a book about the American Mustang. She told of the conquistadors throwing horses overboard. Then, here this morning, the most erudite of knitting blogs has the same expression. I wonder if there is a name for that type of coincidence. It happens often to me.

  2. what a GREAT link and long posting about the guys' knitting retreat -- it certainly was fun to read about all their fun!