Thursday, May 22, 2008

Inching forward, I suppose.

Here are Thomas-the-Elder’s socks:

And Cathy’s, as I round the first heel. I have stuck with my familiar heel out of laziness, but will investigate replaceable ones for the next pair.

Stash Haus, I can’t get the red squirrel site to work – I’ll try again later. I do agree with you about the value of cataloguing one’s stash. I got it done when I first joined Ravelry, although I fear there have been some unrecorded additions since. I think I need to spend more time in Ravelry (including having a look at your stash). I need more time, in fact. Or, to make better use of the time I’ve got.

There seems to have been some trouble with leaving comments yesterday. Donna wrote to me privately about the Kennedys yesterday when she couldn’t leave a comment. They have woven their way in and out of one’s life for nearly 50 years now: and were already a tragic family in 1960, with the wartime deaths of Joe and “Kick”. Not that there’s anything really tragic about being diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease in one’s 70’s, but Teddy is something of a last link with a remarkable story.

Here is an Easter-on-Pelion picture which arrived this morning – presumably the purchase of the holiday dinner. That’s my son-in-law David watching in horrified fascination with grandsons Archie and Fergus.


  1. Is that a lamb being butchered? I'm afraid I can't see it very well, though I suppose that might be a blessing to some.

    For all the years I've been vegetarian, I did grow up in a rural community and helped at many butcherings. And then, well, I get to see plenty of gore in the line of duty.

  2. Oooo, Greek lamb on a spit. YUM!

    OK, here's comments for this and the 2 prior posts (I'm in a time vortex too).

    The lawyerly socks are beautiful. If Thomas' clients make his toes curl, at least they will do so in colourful comfort. I loved the photo of Cathy's socks against the moss(?) at TCOTU. In fact, I'm at a loss as to whether to tone down the yellow/green of my screen or accept that spring green in Scotland is that bright. IF it is I can imagine that eye protection is required when the sun comes out. Seriously, the plots all looked incredibly fertile. I'd love some of that topsoil here. We were recently watching Time Team excavate a site in a farm field and having to remove 6 feet of topsoil!!! In Australia one's lucky to acculumate an inch of this brown gold.

    In the 80s there was a song called, "Thank God I'm not a Kennedy", which at the time I thought that the Kennedies were probably glad not to have the composer in with them either. Since then I've found out that the 60s Kennedies certainly attracted the darker side of fate.

  3. I love the toes on TE's socks! You can be dressed conservatively but know that underneath there are some brightly colored toes.

    Good luck with the garden. I'm sorry to hear that the neighbor did away with the cats.

  4. Jean, I may have forgotten to put the www in the link I sent.