Thursday, July 10, 2008

A dull morning, literally and mentally.

I went to Ravelry, first time in a while, and wandered about looking at what everybody else doing. Some nice messages from people. I need to get back to lace. I went to the Schoolhouse Press and found nothing new.

Dinosaur-wise, I should finish the current, final pair on the back of the sweater today, perhaps even finish the back. Pic tomorrow, whatever. There are 16 dinosaurs altogether, the current ones being nos. nine and ten. Every job gets a bit better when you pass the halfway point.

And dinosaur-knitting has something in common with lace, in that every row one toils across adds a perceptible and significant something, however small.


Mary Lou, I hugely enjoyed my virtual trip to Lampedusa’s Sicily. Thank you for that. (And I was interested to see that you, too, have uninvited opium poppies in your garden. I talked gardening with Alexander last week – he says he doesn’t have them, over there on Loch Fyne.)

Jane-Beth, thanks for the news that Borders at Kinnaird Park has “Piecework”. One needs a serious newsstand, and my normal wanderings don’t include one. I try to avoid Kinnaird Park whenever possible, but it can’t always be done.

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  1. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Jean, I've been reading for a while, yet to leave a comment, but thought it would be worth telling you that I tried Borders at Glasgow Fort yesterday for Piecework - they still only have the last issue and the unhelpful assistant I asked had no idea of when the latest issue might turn up. It may be worth phoning to inquire before making the trip.