Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sure enough, I established the feet and tails of the final tier of dinosaurs yesterday. I’ve got the bit between my teeth now.

Gratifying moment…

Corinne wrote to me asking the source of the pattern. It’s Vogue Knitting International, Holiday ’87. They don’t even name the designer. I told her the answer, and suggested eBay – lots of old Vogues come up all the time, just not the ones I want. She wrote back within hours to say that she had it. A triumph for squirrels, I feel, and one in the eye to the Flylady who would have us throw magazines away.

(I think the first designer I ever saw named in Vogue Knitting was the Great Man Himself. Not long before the separate British edition of VK disappeared forever, they published the first Kaffe Fassett pattern, a Fair Isle vest. That would be somewhere in the late 60’s. I believe the then editor, Judy Brittain I think, found him and commissioned the pattern. I wonder now if it was he who insisted that his name be published.)


I never said anything about Callie’s idea, seconded by Kate, that we have an exhibition in Kirkmichael of our postcard collection. I think I know an old resident, recently decamped to Blairgowrie, who might be able to supplement it. There is a famous postcard of Mr Gladstone picnicking somewhere nearby – we don’t have it, but our friend does.

The further white building on the right, in the postcard we hope to buy tomorrow, is the Session House. That is something to do with the Church of Scotland – the village church and churchyard lie behind those white buildings, down by the river. It has in recent years lost all ecclesiastical connection and been done up as a community centre with kludgy computers and a lending library. There is a room upstairs which would be ideal for displaying a postcard collection. I’ll give this serious thought.


  1. i'd love to see the card of Gladstone's picnic - of the many servant variety I suspect. Taking a breather on the way to/from Balmoral?

  2. Having not brushed up on my FlyLady lately, I do see some value in sending certain mags straight to the recycling plant: celebrity rags, dailies, weeklies, and that thing The Guardian puts out on weekends.

    Magazines such as craft or development pieces that instruct someone in how to create or fix something should probably be passed on because they are useful. Much more useful than Lindsay Lohan gossip, at least.

  3. As we were de-cluttering to put our house on the market, the husband suggested that I didn't need to keep my knitting magazines (I only keep Interweave Knits and Vogue). I quickly disabused him of that notion

    If you do a showing of the postcards, I think there should be an accompanying website of the show, with pictures.

    Also, thanks for expanding my vocabulary - I'd never heard the word kludgy.