Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Today’s excitement is (at last) an eye appointment. I don’t know whether to expect to be laser’ed on the spot, or merely tut-tut’ed over while a further appointment is made. The sight in the left eye is pretty bad, and I sometimes wonder if the right eye isn’t slacking somewhat in sympathy.

I went to the central library yesterday to see what the Consumers Association had to say in their magazine Which? about air purifiers. To my astonishment, they have no interest in the subject. I particularly wanted to read their consumer-y prose about the differences between “air sanitizers” and “HEPA air filters”, and reasons for preferring one to the other in different circumstances. . Cathy tells me that she and James have several HEPA filters of a brand called IQAir and that Olympic athletes used them.

But since my problem is not soupy air like Beijing’s, but clean and fresh-seeming air that mysteriously cripples me, maybe a sanitizer would be better?

Cathy says, incidentally, that the air in Beijing has been noticeably better since the Olympics.


Here’s where we are. The change of colour is pretty radical, but I am hopeful. The dark colour will reappear for the remaining ribbing, which will include a neck placket and collar. I’ll use the red for accents, such as the seam where the sleeves are set in, and perhaps even for the collar.

Japanese Knitting

Thank you for the offers of help, Mary Lou and Rhonda. I’ll remember and come back, if life goes on long enough. I must concentrate in ’09 on finishing the Princess, still taking up a fair amount of space in my freezer drawer.

Helen has offered to lend me a book of Setsuko Torii's, which is clearly beyond wonderful. The link is to Helen’s blog-entry on the subject. I will take her up on that, at least.

(If you follow the link above to Rhonda’s blog, you will find a wonderful garter stitch hat. In Rowan Tapestry yarn which I’ve got a bag of.)

Baby shawl

Knititch, for fancy, I would still go for my own first venture into somewhat serious lace knitting, the “My Weekly Baby Knits Shawl” from Jamieson & Smith, in Shetland lace-weight. The link is to my own rather neglected website – down at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, a Shetland hap shawl in Shetland jumper-weight.

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  1. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Knititch, I followed Jean's advice on the Baby Shawl and was delighted with the results!