Thursday, November 20, 2008

VKB No. 12 turned up. It’s in splendid condition, given that it’s 70 years ago. I suspect (it’s a spring issue) that it was never knit from. It was meticulously packed – I’ve never had one so secure. The seller was Todmorden Books – that’s a link to her eBay shop. She deals in needlework of all kinds, with a bias towards lace but with some interesting knitting things.

As for yesterday, not much else. I had to go to the AGM of the Drummond Place society in the evening. Very interesting, but not very conducive to knitting.

But I did get a few rounds of Ketki’s sweater knit. There should be enough for a photograph soon. I’m starting off with what is classified, I’m pretty sure, as a Ranco solid, but the effect is very different from the dusty pink shade I’m using in Kirkmichael. There, the base colour is interrupted every so often by six or eight stitches in a deeper shade, producing an interesting striated effect. Here, we seem to go in more for clouds of dark and light. Perhaps because the base colour here is the darker one. Anyway, time will tell, and I love the feel of this stuff on my fingers.

And you’re right, Knititch, that ridiculous colours are just the thing for November. And you’re also right – on your blog – to look forward to January. Reeeely, there’ll be even less light then than now, but it will feel entirely different.

You wanted to see the hat – here it is. The colours are distorted and the pattern flattened by the flash, but perhaps you can still get the general idea.


Julie, the wearable air purifier I was thinking of hangs around one’s neck and looks more like a pager than a mask. One thing I can do is to go read the opinions of the Consumer Association on air purifiers in general. But you’re absolutely right, Tamar, that air purifiers are a patch and it would be vastly better to get to the root of the problem. Surely the doctor must have opinions and advice, who deals with allergic sneezes all the time. I’m supposed to go in soon anyway and have my lung capacity assessed. I’ll ask questions.


  1. my poet from last year with the november poem has been seen by me in the high street shopping marimekko printed bag in orange and pink and white. that says it all for me. november november november november november.

    that hat looks great. wasn't too enthusiastic by the rest of that issue of vogue except for the primary yellow hat on the front page and a few other inside the mag.

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