Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The beans were delicious – the best I’ve ever done, I think. I enjoyed hovering over them all day, although they never did need more liquid. I wish I had the time and oomph to attempt Boston brown bread. Now I must think of some more comfort food for today.

Shandy, you might be right that a roast chicken is the answer. And I was inspired by your beautiful collection to hunt down a pattern for Newfoundland mittens. I’m not keen on thumbs, but these are so pretty I might think again.

My daughter-in-law Cathy sent me this link yesterday. Bizarre.

The hat continues well. I tentatively tried it on. It feels comfortable and comforting, except that I was reminded that a hat has got to fit vertically as well. Much more is required. I rib patiently onwards. I want about 6” and have achieved a bit more than four, so today may launch me into the pleasant pastures of st st.

(That’s what it looks like bleached by the flash in the early-morning gloom. You can warm your hands over the actual object.)


  1. The Newfoundland thumb- rather than casting off and casting on, use EZ's thumb trick. Knit the seven stitches with waste yarn, slip back to left needle, knit them again with mitten yarn, then finish the hand. Pull out the waste yarn and voila! stitches ready to knit.

  2. any chance of the bean recipe? My mind is too scatterbrained from unpacking/moving to focus on much else you mentioned other than .... soaking :) but they sound good. We still have to do a mega grocery store run to fill the cupboards, although Round Table pizza has had our money twice (hubby not a pizza fan, so that says a lot).

    and thanks to Phyllis for the Newfoundland thumb trick!

  3. I knit my mittens on two needles. Then the thumb is just "place seven stitches on a thread" and cast on seven by back looping". I did use dpns for the thumbs. Really, there is nothing technical in the pattern at all, but the delight is the combining of the colours to see what "pops" with what. In this cold weather, the lovely colours are a real pleasure, on the hands as well as on the needles.

  4. Anonymous3:18 AM

    That is SO funny: I opened Cathy's link as I was watching Ewan McGregor's "Long Way Down" series! Motorbikes in stereo.