Sunday, December 07, 2008

London tomorrow. Blog to resume next Sunday, insh’Allah. This time of year, London is enough hundred miles south of Edinburgh that the difference in light is perceptible (London being lighter, of course). That's sort of cheering.

I finished the hat, and continue delighted. No pic, I'm afraid. The battery must need charging. Here it is, for what it’s worth:

Large-size watchcap in KPPPM (Koigu Premium Merino)

Material: about a skein and a half of KPPPM.

Needles: 3mm dp’s (and a 16” circular needle, if desired).

Cast on 152 stitches. Work a tube in k2, p2 rib for 6” or a bit more. Change to st st and work a further 4” or a bit more. On the last round, increase 2 stitches, placing the new ones well away from each other. (154 sts)

Shape crown:

1st round: *k.9, k2 tog* repeat to end

2nd round: knit

3rd round: *k8, k2tog* repeat to end

4th round: knit

5th round: *k7, k2tog*, repeat to end

Continue in this fashion until the round which consists of k2tog only. 14sts. Cut the yarn and thread it through the 14 stitches, closing the hole firmly.

Watchcaps are not in fashion, I must warn you. Walking up and down Broughton Street I see nothing but beanies of one sort and another. But they're cosy, and it's cold.

Knititch, I vaguely remember those no-dye-lot yarns. Dull, I think. Clearly the technology didn’t catch on. “Sorry, Wrong Dye Lot” is one of my favourites from Franklin’s wonderful list of knitting horror films. Scroll down to January 23 (’06).


  1. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Have a lovely time in London.
    I am now on repeat 6 of the center panel of Princess, and I'm being done in by my own formula. Yesterday I knit more than 7,000 sts and only went from 14% to 17%.
    How discouraging.
    I wondered at the time how you managed to offset one repeat. Now I'm surprised that it only happened once. That setup row at the beginning of the new repeat is fraught with danger.
    Best wishes for a nice week


  2. yes enjoy london. i think a watchcap together with a beret is the most becoming hat of all. oh well and then the chullo if it is worn under a hat like the indegenous people of peru and bolivia do.
    beanies makes your head look bigger if you already have a big head. so i am all for the watchcap.

  3. Anonymous4:35 PM

    My family didn't distinguish beanies from watch caps - they were all beanies, except the black wool ones from the army-navy surplus store, which were the only true Watch Caps because you wore them while standing watch.

    Is a beanie the skullcap without a brim?

    Knititch, do people wear two hats at once where you are? I know they did during the Renaissance.

  4. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Congrats on the new hat! Bright colours are definitely needed in these dark days.
    Enjoy London.
    Lisa in Toronto

  5. It's so nice to be delighted with your knitting.

    insh'Allah...I had this vague idea you were a Presbyterian?


  6. I hope your family is well in Thessaloniki, what with all the unrest going on there.