Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A busy 24 hours with the credit card.

First of all, I downloaded the February Lady Sweater pattern – that was free. Then I googled around a bit and found that there is an Araucania yarn (which I already loved) called Nature Wool promising precisely the required gauge. I (gulp) ordered some from a place called Stash Fine Yarns which I had never heard of. Efficient website, good prices.

Judith, would I have done it if I had read your comment in time? The neck looks so innocent and easy. I want to pursue the adverse reactions you mention on Ravelry. Can you point me to any? And I will re-read with some care both the original EZ pattern and “Knitting From the Top”.

At some point in the past, I have knit the prototype baby sweater at least once. It’s easy and fun – that was part of the attraction. What I don’t remember is actually putting or even seeing it on a baby. Maybe he/she was dissatisfied with the neck and just didn’t tell me.

Then this morning I finally ordered acid-free tissue paper from Amazon, for putting the Princess away in; a double-ended crochet hook, inspired by your comment, Knitting08816; and finally (non-knit) an electronic key-finder, as I have had a couple of worrying and time-consuming searches recently for that valuable item.

I saw a double-ended hook in action once, wielded by a friend at Camp Stitches. She was demonstrating precisely what you mention, the retrieval of a mistake in garter stitch. It was impressive. I couldn’t find a UK source, except for a very expensive wooden set, so I have ordered one from the US.

As for actual knitting, I couldn’t keep my hands off the Griswold stole. Nothing else was done. I am now more or less back to the point where I gave up on the first version.


It turns out that Rachel herself took yesterday’s picture of her four children and the Ogden tree. Here is another Ogden picture, Rachel and Ed setting out for a Bollywood party last week on their 28th wedding anniversary. How did that happen? I have scarcely been married that long myself. Ketki provided Rachel’s costume -- how easy-to-wear and flattering it looks, as well as beautiful; Ed bought his in Tooting.


  1. GrannyPurple12:09 PM

    Encouraged by my Feb. Lady sweater, I just finished a baby version for a new granddaughter, so am now viewing the neck with anxiety. No problem with my own; if anything, the neckline's a tad loose but that may be several seasons of wear. But I know that when I do another for the baby's teddy bear, it will be bigger in the neck and back, and a lot shorter everywhere else. The baby's big sister got a BSJ, and a bear with same, and all I had to do there was change needle size...

  2. You will find quite detailed comments on the fit of the February Lady at Knitting on Impulse, although that may be to do with body shape.

  3. You will find quite detailed comments on the fit of the February Lady at Knitting on Impulse, although that may be to do with body shape.

  4. Maureen in Fargo9:22 PM

    I knit the baby sweater for a couple of babies a year or two ago, I saw a picture of one modeling hers and the neckline looked fine. I knit the lady sweater for myself and have no complaints about my neckline either...I never did get a photo of it, though...

  5. I knit the February Lady for myself last year and I absolutely love it. Without looking at the Revelry comments, but based on Shandy's hint and my own experience, I would say that if you you have very sloping shoulders, or narrow shoulders you might have a problem with this cardigan slipping off. If you have what my mother used to call "good shoulders," you'll be fine. There must be a way of adjusting the pattern though. I wonder, if you have narrow shoulders and started with a smaller needle - would that work? Well anyway.

  6. You can see a baby version on my blog right now -- scroll down, I subbed a different lace pattern. I've made several baby versions and haven't seen a problem with neckline fit. But, as always, YMMV.

  7. There are 2 groups I know of on Ravelry with lots of helpful comments and you can always search the finished or unfinished FLS pattern page. I have no idea what I could not get right but - It Drove Me Crazy - and then I know it was time to call a halt and by then daughter was fed up trying on necks that were no good!
    I'm sure you will have more success with that lovely yarn.