Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The top line is that my cold got better (and that’s all it was), leaving behind a chesty cough, and that’s getting better too. But my husband now has it, starting straight off with the chesty cough. He’s not feverish, but any illness is worrying at his age and state of health. Blood sugar levels are way up. At least we got back here to Edinburgh in good order.

The weather was wonderful in Strathardle. I was cosseting myself, and didn’t get much of anything done.

Here are some harvest pictures for you, Angel. The courgettes:

We had stuffed marrow last night, using the largest of them. It wasn’t very successful. My fault, not its.

Some runner beans and the beetroot crop and an overgrown perpetual spinach plant on its way to the compost bin, which doesn’t belong in the picture. We’d better eat those beets today. Delicious.

The autumn raspberry crop in its entirety (so far). I have netted the bushes and hope for more ripening in the days to come. I think raspberries can stand up to the first fingers of frost.

The carrot crop, and more runner beans. We’ve eaten the carrots and they were wonderful.

A new miracle vegetable called mispoona, from Real Seeds. It didn’t taste very nice. Memo to self for next year: eschew miracle vegetables. Stick to spinach.

The tout ensemble, looking autumnal. There’ll be lots more beans from that tepee if frost holds off a while.

And the Strathardle knitting, long neglected for some reason. It’s an Araucania sweater for me, almost identical in pattern to Ketki’s Calcutta Cup sweater. I love it, and must knit it more industriously henceforth. Ketki wore hers to the Games and I had the pleasure of pointing out the pattern to a rugby-loving and Scotland-supporting friend.


  1. I like these pictures of your vegetables. I can compare them with what we are getting at our weekly market. Vegetables are impinging on our craft area at this time of year. I enjoy the progression of the seasons.

  2. Nice harvest. I'm trying to let my beans go as long as possible, but the rest is mostly a wash. The plan, though, is to till up the flat ledge in front of the house this fall and convert it all to some semblance of a potager.

  3. A tried and true remedy for chest congestion: Mug of any flavor herb tea, a bit of freshly grated ginger, a large pinch of dried cayenne pepper, a bit of honey, boiling water and a good hefty squeeze of lemon!!! Works like a charm.

  4. oh Jean, thank goodness you are back LOL -- I was worried! I second "Mundi's comment -- but add some scotch or something for a hot toddy :)

    and I can just about taste your fresh veggies. I'm up in the mountains and went to a grocery store yesterday and thought: I'll go back "down the hill" in a couple of days to get something better than what they have HERE LOL!

  5. my autumn raspberries have been lovely. Have you tried chard instead of spinach. I have a bumper crop this year, all summer, long after the spinach bolted. I've been making hortakopita all summer (Greens pie instead of spinach pie. I just learned that's what to cal it.)

  6. Love the courgettes! They look yummy :)

    Thanks for the pictures Jean! Love looking at the bounty.