Saturday, January 09, 2010

It’s too cold for prolonged composition. And this weather is getting boring. I’d prefer a nice, cosy snowstorm, at whatever inconvenience to my fellow-citizens.

I’ve reached the seeding on the Grandson Sweater. There should be enough by tomorrow to merit a pic. I’m worried again about size – is it too big? I recalculated, and find that I’m getting the size I'm aiming at, after anxious thought. That’s some comfort. Essentially, I’m knitting a Medium although the measurements I took at source over the holiday might suggest Small.

I tend to wind up too snug when I aim at a good fit. And this isn’t an indoor sweater. I’ll press on, at least for now.

But have you seen the cardigan Joe knit for his mom? That’s what I call fit.

Thank you for the help on the steek question. Moorecat, of course you’re right, smites brow – the neck stitches would be left securely behind, and a steek cast on above them.

Elizabeth, I ordered the “Knitting Glossary” DVD just now. I established last year that Schoolhouse Press DVD’s will run on my machine. I’ve got two, the Russian Prime and the Saddle-Sleeved Jacket, but haven’t done them justice. This sounds much more useful and more dip-into-able. I had been hesitating anyway over the new Estonian lace book they’re selling, “The Haapsula Shawl”; your comment sort of tipped the balance. I ordered that, too.


  1. GrannyPurple11:51 AM

    Isn't it wonderful how books & DVDs don't affect the yarn fast--like a diet where certain delicious foods prove to be completely calorie free!

  2. I have the Knitting Glossary DVD and it is very dip-into-able. Even more so are the Lucy Neatby DVDs. Some that I've had from the KCG library I've just had to buy.

  3. Sitting here at minus 15 F -- I often hand sew steeks. A bit less bulky than crochet, more flexible than the machine knit. (and easier to take out if you have goofed up in some way) A brief google got me this:

  4. If you're doing Scottish steeks, I've always used a crocheted steek stabilization. I do a good bit of steeking, and have been using the crocheted steek since finding it in "Meg Swansen's Knitting" about, um. Eight years ago?

    A search of my blog with the word "Steek" would turn up a lot of miscellaneous detail on the technique, or I could find the posts if you wanted me to.

  5. You will not regret the Haapsalu shawl purchase Jean. I know it is essentially a stitch dictionary but the photographs are superb and the charts excellent.