Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Very miscellaneous, today. I'm feeling dull and low.

About 16 ½” of Grandson Sweater are done, out of 23”. It’s sort of dragging. If I had divided for the armholes, the same amount of knitting would make me feel as if I were getting somewhere. Perhaps I’ll take a day off soon to wind the yarn for Rachel-the-Younger’s earflap hat, and even cast it on.

I was briefly in John Lewis’s yarn department on Saturday – there’s no harm in looking – and saw Lindsay-the-Rowan-woman, whom I hadn’t seen for awhile. There’s an article in the new Rowan magazine (which I bought) about knitting outdoors, by Dr Kate Davies. Lindsay said her blog was good. It took me awhile to find it – Google on “Kate Davies” and you get an interesting-enough blog unrelated to knitting. This is the address you want, and it does look good.

Temptation: Joe has been knitting a scarf in “mini-Mochi” yarn which I had never heard of, and which I have added to my post-yarn-fast list.

A more serious temptation looms, in that when we finally feel strong and brave enough to venture north, it is quite likely – whatever the state of the driveway and the water supply – that I will be able to see the 2010 Games Programme, and learn what the knitting classes are this year. Can at least one of them – there are always two -- be done from stash?


Mary Lou, I hope you’ll take up documenting your FO’s again. It’s fun, and very useful. It becomes an anticipated part of the clean-up process, along with gathering up the yarn ends from the floor around your knitting chair. I don’t have many photographs in the recent years of my archive, now that digitalisation has struck. That's a loss, and perhaps I’ll get a proper print of that one of Christmas-knitting-recipients on the shores of Loch Fyne.

Barbara, that’s the perfect phrase to sum up future-unease. I’ll be back here tomorrow, God willing and the creeks don’t rise.


  1. Anonymous9:37 AM

    It's serendipity you mentioning Kate Davies, she was on the radio yesterday talking about gloves and knitting along with a knitter from Orkney, Knit camp was mentioned, linky here to listen - I hope -
    It was about halfway through the 45 min programe.

  2. Kate's blog is excellent - very interesting. She's in Edinburgh, too.

  3. Oh, yes, Kate's blog is very lively and she leads a full life - camping near Crummock Water for New Year's Eve.