Monday, February 15, 2010

I am a bit less lame this morning. I was brought up with the deepest respect for tetanus, Tamar, but I thought I didn’t need to worry this time a) because the wound bled freely and b) because the knitting needles have led a quiet life far from animals. Except for Scandinavian wool, but surely….

Maybe I’d better look it up.

I haven’t done anything yet about the carpet -- a pretty slovenly approach to life. I’d be afraid to try peroxide – a bleached spot there would look far worse than a faded blood stain. I’d better try cold water today. I remember from my nappy-washing days that that is the first line of attack for a serious stain.

Yesterday was rather unsatisfactory. I’ve never been keen on Sunday. Three Scottish rugby players, tip-top ones at that, were injured so badly in that wretched game with Wales that they won’t be playing again this season. One may be crippled – we are waiting anxiously for news.

And knitting didn’t go very well, either.

I’m knitting the ear-flap hat with two strands of wool held together, which produces a nice, firm, cosy fabric. I set off yesterday to incorporate a Fair Isle-type star, using the red I used for the lining, and soon discovered that there wasn’t enough. OK, so the centre of the star will be blue – the “beautiful blue” of the swallowtail coat I knit for Thomas-the-Elder’s teddy bear.

Then I ran out of one strand of the main colour. That was simply poor forward planning. I could cut the yarn and wind off half of the substantial remaining ball. But the sensible and forward-looking thing to do is to wind another skein. They are 100-gram skeins of fingering yarn, not a trivial chore. Perhaps I should do that today, so that at least the hat is ready to resume.

When I was preparing the hat for photography just now, I found all three projects -- sleeve, hat and sock -- to some extent tangled together. A record.

And I’ve still to finish the toe of that sock, to be taken to lunch tomorrow. Marcella, you put the need for it awfully well in yesterday’s comment.


I’ve been reading Stieg Larsson, inspired by a conversation with granddaughter Hellie, the one who works for a London agent and has her finger on the pulse of contemporary literature. I was aware of the books, of course, one could scarcely fail to be, but assumed they would be too violent and kinky and Swedish for me. All three of those elements are present, but the books are brilliant -- and far more like a conventional detective story than I would have imagined.

And brilliantly translated.

I’ve nearly finished the second one. The third will have to wait until it is reduced to paperback. I’m extravagant, as you all know, when it comes to knitting books, but buying a thriller in hardback remains an extravagance too far.


  1. So glad you are finding the Stieg Larsson good. My husband read the first and thought I wouldn't like it because of the violence - well, yes there is that but it seems right.

    Could hardly wait for the second, and I broke the rules for the third - but it was on special offer, and I did have to strap up my wrists to hold it. That was how much I wanted to read it NOW!

    I seem to remember that the pb is due in April.

  2. Anonymous12:15 PM

    To remove blood use ammonia. Apply to the stain with an old toothbrush. As soon as the stain lift FLOOD the area with plenty of cold water. Blot the water with old towels ... one underneath the rug and one on the top. Stomp around on the towel until it is quite wet. Put more towels down and stomp a bit more until all the moisture has been absorbed. Put a dry towel under the damp area and let dry for a day or so.
    Best of luck

  3. GrannyPurple12:42 PM

    The Stieg Larsson books are wonderful--I had to resist the 3rd because of luggage restrictions at the time, but will soon be searching for it. It's hard to understand why peaceful knitters would enjoy such violent books, but there you are--it must be our voyeurist tendencies. And the characters are so well drawn--the advantage of a "series", I think.

  4. alas and alak I succumbed and bought book 2 in hard back....sigh...I could not wait for the paperback.
    I read the "Girl with the dragon tattoo" on the beach in Mexico. book three isn't even available to me yet.
    Intriguing characters

  5. dawn in NL1:14 PM

    Hello Jean,

    I share your canny ways and wait patiently for the paperback version of the books I want to read.

    By the way, rather than cut your yarn (or wind another skein) why not use the inner end?

    All the best,

  6. I'm now number 30 something on the library waiting list for book two. I have such a stack of others to read that I am resisting going out to buy it.

  7. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Poor Me. I have to wait until the end of May to get the Kindle edition of the third Steig Larsson book. I really enjoyed the first two books and guess I'll have to be satisified with knitting and reading other good books before May.

    I would like to suggest "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" for your reading pleasure. A really cute mystery book with a delightful 11 year old heroine.

  8. You really do want to get a tetanus shot. I've let things like that go far too long with disastrous results. My last adventure involved stepping on a claw the cat left in the carpet.

    Thouroughly enjoying all your book purchases and the discussions :)

  9. I loved the Stieg Larsson trilogy. As you say, the violence somehow seems to fit. The 3rd came out in that large paperback format on the day I flew to the U.S. I couldn't resist buying it in Dublin airport and then lugged it to the U.S. and back and read other books instead. It was such an awkward size. But when I did read it eventually, I loved it. All this despite a strong resolution not to buy paperbacks in that large awkward airport type format.