Sunday, February 28, 2010

It’s funny, being in Glasgow. I was very happy there, first as a student, then married. All our children were born there including therefore of course Alexander, 50 years ago this weekend. I’m pretty sure February 27 came at a weekend in 1960, perhaps even on a Saturday. Either on that day or maybe more likely the 26th, the engagement was announced between Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong Jones, whom no one had ever heard of. I had lots of delicious newspapers to read in the intervals of getting acquainted with Alexander.

So memories are fond, and Glasgow, as they say, has a lot going for it. But I feel it tugging me back, and it’s uncomfortable. There’s lots wrong with being old, but I don’t want to go through all the horrors of being young again, either. And I’m comfortable here in Drummond Place.

All very odd. Still, Glasgow’s better than New Jersey.


Knitting went well. I finished Rachel’s KF socks, the first FO of ’10, and cast on the next pair, another KF, this time for Ketki. She prefers them a bit longer in the leg. With a new-to-me KF colourway in hand, I found myself knitting as fast as I could – not very fast – just to see how the colours deploy. With the result that the ribbing is done, and I’m ready to canter down the leg. These socks will be laid aside now, of course, to take their place in waiting-room-and-away-from-home moments.

The plan is to spend today on the ear-flap hat. I ought to be able to get it somewhere near the bobble-making moment.

Tomorrow I will return to the Grandson. I mean to leave the first sleeve dangling and start afresh on the second, setting it in from the outside guided by Cynthia’s and Rebecca’s comments. If as successful as I hope, I will then go back and finish unpicking the first attempt and do likewise by it.


Alexander told us a joke.

Two cats set out to swim the Channel, racing against each other. One was an English cat called One Two Three. The other was a French cat called Un Deux Trois.

One Two Three cat won the race.

Un Deux Trois cat sank.


  1. Took me a while to get that joke, Jean.
    I've been fascinated by the idea of stitching sleeves in from the outside. As a sewer, I'd have thought, turn the sweater inside out, then place the sleeve, right side out, inside and pin at crucial points. What usually defeats me is that a sewn seam is more rigid than the surrounding knitting so can look awkward.

  2. rosesmama1:06 PM

    The girl is going tolove that joke!

    Last night I noticed a long koigu sweater in the last Vogue Knitting Holiday issue. I hadn't paid any attention in my last go through, I guess because I only have a few skeins and no plans to purchase more. But I thought of you and wondered if you'd seen it. There three different patterns: miters, garter stripes and colorwork stripes.

    The grandson sweater is lovely.

  3. When I was a kid (in NJ..) I used to love a book the library had about beginning french for children. It was called "Cat Sank" and had a cartoon of a drowning cat on the cover, so your joke dredged that up out of the memory banks and made me laugh.

  4. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Thanks for that joke. So cute. The socks look lovely. I try to kint a pair every month since they are the most satisfying and uselful things I knit.

  5. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Glasgow definitely beats NJ. Actually, almost anywhere beats New Jersey (says me, still living in NJ.....but having previously lived in NY, Michigan, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Illinois, and Iowa as well as a year in London, I feel at least semi-qualified to comment!) There's nothing really wrong with NJ, and there are lots of wonderful people here, but we've been here now for 22 years, and it has never felt like home. It has just been the place where we lived while we figured out where to go next. In the next few months, we will move to New Hampshire to be near a daughter and darling grandchildren, and I can't wait! There seem to be a lot of lovely fiber activities there which I'm looking forward to, as well.

    Barbara M.

  6. Thanks for your reflections re being young in Glasgow. Once upon a time I was young in Seattle. That makes it especially interesting to return here to be near one of our sons. Some of my friends from 1960 are still here - it is extra special to meet up with them. Also friends from various countries where we have lived have settled here.

  7. So when you did your searching for possibilities did you go to Ravelry? There looks to be many options there for multiple colors of Koigu.