Sunday, May 23, 2010

Final stripe of chevron scarf is in the process of being cast on. Last lap.

The weather has eased, slightly. Yesterday was, at least in Edinburgh terms, seriously hot. Princes Street Gdns – we went up to the Royal Academy for their annual show – were pullulating with people, all rather enjoying themselves. Too hot for us. Then I picked up a heavy package, pre-ordered, at John Lewis, and nearly perished carrying it home.

Today is grey, and cooler. I look forward to watering my little plants tomorrow (no blog) when I go to retrieve the pears, especially the plants that haven’t appeared above ground yet. Despite a century of gardening, and much manure, the soil remains essentially light and sandy and quick-draining.

And I find I have nothing else to say this morning.


  1. Ah, it was 21'C here yesterday and we thought it was going to be summer forever but today it dipped to 16'C and we even had a sprinkle of rain!

  2. =Tamar6:11 AM

    It's been hot here lately too, when it hasn't been raining. A heavy package from John Lewis, eh? The suspense mounts.