Friday, May 28, 2010

Well, we’re all set, I think.

All of my driving these days is done on familiar roads, so this will be something of an adventure. Previous visits to Alexander have been accomplished by public transport, or someone has driven us, or a combination – being picked up in Glasgow. Both Alexander and Rachel (who is driving up today from London) offered a Glasgow pick-up this time, but we plan to take that heavy package under which I recently struggled home from John Lewis – I’m not going to carry it another step. Well, out to the car.

The sun is shining, and the route should be easy. Edinburgh to Glasgow, the motorway sweeps us through the city and across the Clyde, then straight ahead to Dumbarton and on up the west side of Loch Lomond. At the top of the loch, at Tarbet, turn left. That’s about it. I won’t be able to navigate the last mile and a half to the house, over unnumbered roads, but my husband has a faultless memory for geography. And if he fails, which he won’t, I can ring Alexander up on my mobile phone and he will talk us in. I remembered to charge it last night.

So off we go. Back here Tuesday, insh’Allah.

The Green Granite Blocks proceed nicely. I’m about halfway through the first set of blocks, and should soon be far enough along to photograph them. I had a look in Ravelry yesterday and, to my surprise, found no Green Granite Blocks at all. For a website that offers two examples of Pagoldh’s Portom sweater (“the Grandson sweater”), and Joanie Newsome’s jabot pattern, that seemed odd.

I found the Rowan left-over bag easily enough. There’s lots:

Flipping through the Master’s work, I think the fun thing to do would be to take one of his big, basic patterns from “Glorious Knitting” – I've always liked the Carpet one – and divide the yarns into two piles by tone. Maybe one day.

Chevron scarf: You’re right, Jean – blocking was as easy as hoped, pins all around the outside, nothing more was needed. The pattern is essentially feather-and-fan, and I noticed as I was pinning that on one long side, I was sticking the pins into the k3togs, and on the other into the centre stitch of M1, K1, M1. I need to think about that.

I’d better get going.

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  1. I've been thinking about the points all the while you have been away, since you mentioned it and intrigued me!

    I can visualise it and yes it is right, and I suppose it has to do with the way knitted stitches have a top and bottom so separate and distinct - one set of points, you are going away from, and the other going in to. Also tied in to the fact that you can rip stitches from the top, but not the bottom.

    Easy to see the picture in my mind, but very difficult to put it into words.