Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In some haste – life is proceeding at an uncomfortable pace.

Helen and Archie and Fergus have gone to the airport to fetch Mungo, they hope.

We went to the Assembly Rooms yesterday to see Wonderland. Highly recommended. Thought-provoking as well as fun. Our friends’ daughter, Flora Spencer-Longhurst, is terrific. You’ve still got a week, and if you go you can reflect that I knit her a sweater when she was born, saying “Flora” on it. A good-sized audience, although I can’t imagine how anyone succeeds in choosing to see anything at the Fringe amidst such a cacophony.

Knitting – I finished the second sleeve of my little preemie jacket yesterday, and started across the final front. An ugly split stitch appeared. In my ASJ days last year, I got fairly proficient at laddering back in garter stitch with my fancy set of double-headed crochet hooks. The ability has deserted me. The more I tried, the more of a mess I made, until I finally ripped back and started again. A day’s work lost.

I feel better, as one almost always does after frogging. But also a bit scared. Blocking is as important for garter stitch as for anything else. I discovered that from the ASJ experience – and I can scarcely present my entry to the judges on Saturday damp. So it really ought to be blocked tomorrow evening. Yikes!

Knitting to a deadline is what I don’t do – but here I am.

We have now gone all the way around to a front view again. You can see some of the ravelled yarn, as yet un-incorporated. I'm trying very hard not to split it.
Knit Camp – the Shetland sequel

I longed to join Liz Lovick’s post-Knit-Camp Shetland jaunt when I first read of it, and her recent accounts make it sound utterly splendid.


  1. Utterly splendid! I'd never actually looked at any of Liz's trips before, not being a lace knitter, but the trip looks amazing. I am definately going to try to go on one of these in a year or two, once the offspring are a bit more self-sufficient. Want to come too?

    I met Liz briefly at the Stirling Marketplace btw. She'd never set eyes on me before and I was only buying a magazine at her stall but she was lovely and took time away from her lunch to speak to me. Charming and very professional. (Unlike another person I met that day, hurumph.)

  2. Good luck with your entry. We wait with baited breath. The jacket is looking great - a prize winner. Enjoy the family gathering.

  3. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I found Liz to be warm and informative and such a friendly person. I wanted to go on the Shetland Trip but, as I couldnt attend Knitcamp, I wasnt eligable to go : (

    Apparently Liz runs several of these trips a year, so I hope to catch one another time - perhaps I will meet you on one : )

    From fibreclaireuk - google wont let me log in.

  4. I look forward to hearing about Games week.
    The photos are always fun.
    Lisa in Toronto

  5. I bought a set of double headed crochet hooks after reading of your feat, but it wasn't obvious enough how to do it, so I set it aside for a day when I felt motivated enough to figure it out. I hate knitting to deadline myself, so best of luck.