Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Vivienne, it was a great comfort yesterday to know for sure that I have ordered the right replacement needles (because Knit-Pick = KnitPro Symphonie). Thank you.

MP3 player

I might as well start here, since we are all now embroiled in my titanic struggle. I am now seriously entertaining the possibility that there is something wrong with the little machine – although, obviously, I must consult Archie before taking any more radical step.

I read the manual again this morning. The idea, repeatedly, seems to be that you scroll through the options – I can do that – and then press the >II/M button – the big one, in the middle – to get a menu, and to do everything else. I cannot get any response out of the >II/M button. I’ve tried re-setting.

Yesterday I downloaded a couple more worthy radio programs from the BBC and moved them to the MP3 player, I think successfully. I thought if I presented it with a choice, it might offer me a menu. No.

So that’s where we are. It’s no use worrying about the Italians until I can play the player.


…provides a more cheerful topic.

The third rank of green granite blocks for the right front is established, and well forward. I should put in the central dots today, and get well on towards the point where the tops of the blocks begin to recede.

And a good stint of GGB’s leaves a little time in the later evening for the sock. I’m not all that far now from the first heel-turning.

I think the stripe-repeat on the yarn is shorter than in some KF yarns, but I may be imagining that. I've got more stitches than usual (64 instead of 56) for a woman's sock because Helen wants them loose. That could explain it.

Knit Camp looks less hopeful, as it looms nearer. August is just too stressful. If I could be picked up and put down without effort in Stirling, if I could be guaranteed a stress-free and preferably kitchen-free day or two afterwards to recover, I’d love to go. None of that is possible. But the option is still open. We’ll see how next week unfolds.

Writing yesterday about the Games and not-knitting has at least prompted me to have another look at the selected pattern – the Sachiko kimono (Ravelry link). It really is rather perfect – simple, elegant, easy to put on a small fragile person. Maybe, after all…


  1. Dear Jean - various sagas in your life - the Knit Camp one is fascinating me particularly. As to the MP3 player - I have not gone there yet, so to speak. Am not sure I want to after reading about your problems. I do have an Ipod which I listened to for a while on a couple of trips but it has been gathering dust for a long time.
    I think you have anough on your plate for August - if I had to cook for 20 people....well, just thinking about it would be enough to keep me busy for the entire month.

  2. what kind of MP3 player do you have?

  3. I selfishly hope you do go to Knit Camp. I've been counting on reading your "no holds barred" report on it. Oh, well, if you can't, you can't.

  4. Jean, try pressing and holding the Menu button. I just got an MP3 player, and had to press and hold the menu button for a full 5 seconds before it would power on. I thought the thing was dead.