Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I have just spent a weary hour struggling to print a response from St Andrews to some queries of my husband’s. “Docx” is not a format my computer enjoys. I have succeeded, although the ill-formatted nature of my success will irritate him when he sees it. And I have used up all my blogging time on the project.

Rachel phoned last night and said, among other things, that she has a virus, despite being fully protected, as she thought, by McAfee. It took out first her computer and then internet access for the whole house. She blames Joe, still home from university and visiting recondite websites. I’ve got Norton, whom I trust implicitly. But this is rather scary.


Here’s the Wikipedia link to Rest and be Thankful. It’s not a road or a village, Kristie – more a concept. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen the words on a road sign, although they are constantly used in speech. Wikipedia says there’s a stone, and I will try to remember to ask to have it pointed out, the next time we’re there.

Ketki had done some investigating about why the road was closed, Mary Lou, and I think she said it was because of a fatal accident. You’re absolutely right, of course, that driving an extra 50 miles on top of an already-long day is a good deal to be preferred to being involved in one of those.


I’m half-way around row 31 of the Mourning Shawl border, and beginning to catch at straws. There’s a big decrease round coming at 39! The first chart ends at 54! Onward!

I had a bad stitch-drop yesterday. I thought I had secured things, albeit untidily, but when I got around there again, I found several stitches still errant. The problem remains to be resolved. In general, it’s going well.

My current plan is to knit on through May, hoping to get near the end of the border, and then lay it aside to do an Aran sweater for the Games. C. used to maintain that I am fiercely competitive. (She had the misfortune to be with us in ’07 when Sam the Ram won the Glenisla Shield for the best entry in any of the handicraft sections.) I honestly don’t think so. I feel I ought to enter something to support the Games – the more entries, the more fun for everybody. Victory is rare. We were celebrating our Golden Wedding in ’07 and the Glenisla Shield was God’s present.


  1. Never mind anything else: Sam the Ram deserved his honour. He was superb!

    Is it competitive to try and make something good for a show? It would be a funny set of exhibits if everyone entered the things that they were not pleased with, or thought they had done a poor job of making!

  2. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Rest and Be Thankful is on the Traffic Scotland website as a junction and even has a Live Eye Views camera to look at.


  3. I have friends who every year choose a category from the list just to support their local county fair. One year it was Bleach Bottle Art. I just found a dropped stitch in a shawl while blocking. GRRR.

  4. =Tamar11:26 PM

    I like the idea of a set of imperfect exhibits; maybe they could be the Object I Learned the Most From?
    Best wishes for good weather.

  5. Thanks for the explanation about Rest and Be Thankful. It is a great place name.

    I remember the trials and tribulations of Sam the Ram, and how happy I was when I found out you won. And I happen to think a spirit competition probably adds to the quality of the items entered at the games.

  6. I like Tamar's suggestion of a category.

    Or else Most Colossal Mistake.

    At your mention of C, I was reminded of the body donor memorial service I attended a couple of weeks ago. You can read further details here:

  7. Aunt Jean, if you run across a .docx in the future, feel free to send it my way and I can down-convert it for you to a .doc