Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Very successful hair-do: it came out looking as I had imagined.

And another good day with the Mourning Shawl. I’m now in the early stages of row 14. Here are some pics:

This early passage begins with chevrons on a bed of mesh which they gradually consume. Where I am now, the mesh is gone and some additional mild excitements are about to be introduced. Disregard the colour, as usual.

Here’s the Fleegle’d bit. It works.

I finally spent a few minutes yesterday with Alice Starmore’s Aran book. Some grand things, which left me wondering, I don’t have to knit back-and-forth, do I? Which sent me to EZ, of course, and at the moment I am greatly enamoured with the Hand-to-Hand Aran in Knitting Workshop.

There are no instructions. That sent me to Google, and I am comforted to find that there is a Spin-Off. I’m pretty sure it’s not in any of the Woolgatherings I’ve got on my shelf, but I then took down “The Opinionated Knitter” just in case it was there.

It isn’t, but Woolgathering No.6, which is, has some very brisk and useful instructions for designing an Aran. Get a gauge, thence a stitch-number, work out a sequence of Aran patterns to fit ¼ of it. That’s not entirely going to work, is it? if you want a wide tour-de-force pattern centre front-and-back. But it gets things started.

This is all still pretty tentative, depending on how the Mourning Shawl proceeds. I’d have to start Aran knitting somewhere in June, to do it comfortably. Will I have finished the borders by then? Could be.


Thanks, Angel. The YouTube version of the T-Mobile royal wedding loads and plays briskly for me. It’s brilliant. They’ve got some very convincing look-alikes, and some I can’t identify.

I looked around a bit yesterday. There are plenty of places where I could hire web space for "27 Wives" for £3 or £4 a month. Wait and see what Alexander says.


  1. Congratulations on returning from the hair dresser with a hair-do you are happy with. That has to be one of life's rarest events. :-)

    The shawl is beautiful! You are making great progress.

  2. I have to say that I am anxiously awaiting your mom's book. It is a subject that I have been interested in since I lived in Utah 15 years ago.

  3. the shawl is looking good.
    I enjoyed the video, put prefer the one done by the American couple, Jill and Kevin.
    as for who is who, I don't know the names of the participants, but worked out who they are meant to represent, except for first two, I presume they are friends of William. thus:
    2 ushers
    Archbishop of Canterbury
    Eugenie &~@ Beatrice
    Anne & Zara
    Charles & Camilla
    Edward & Sophie
    The Queen & Philip