Wednesday, June 08, 2011

All set, more or less. The forecast predicts rain for the next fortnight. Doesn’t matter – in fact, rain saves me having to water my vegetables more effectively even than the Stout system does. I am again taking along a doggy-bag of two or three days’ kitchen stuff to add to the compost bin, in honour of Stout. I spend all day cooking – my husband never learned to graze – and it adds up fast.

Cat, I think it will be easier to see what beans want to do earlier in the season. They sort of get tangled up in themselves towards the end. I am most encouraged to hear that your father is still growing beans (and mending furniture) at 88.

My personal pattern-writer has now got the swatch for the Japanese shirt, and likes it. I feel as if I had been given a gold star for my homework. I’m taking the madeleintosh yarn along to Perthshire, ready for action next time. I could always bring it back to be the Edinburgh project, once the Mourning Shawl is finished. Thomas-the-Elder’s electric red sweater could take over in Strathardle.

The Aran sweater is now within two inches of the stopping-point.

Are we worried about the security breach over at Ravelry? I was sorry to have to change my password – I don’t use it on any site that involves money, and was rather fond of it.

I spent some valuable time yesterday clearing up a bench/stool in the sitting room, out of sight behind a sofa, where I tend to drop swatches and UFO’s. It wasn’t exactly infested with moth, but I think it was something of a rallying-point for them, the more so as the stool itself is covered in old needlepoint.

The rectangular thing is an embroidered Radio Times cover. You don't see many of them about.

I have never had trouble with moths in the stash cupboard, but this threatens to be a bad season.


  1. My father's ancestors come from Thurso and he was brought up on "porridge and Prebyterianism". It may explain something - or it may not. He does get help in the garden for two hours once a fortnight but still manages to grow giant pumpkins under the clothesline etc. It is just as well we both like pumpkin!

  2. Hi Jean- I saw this sorrel recipe and thought of you.