Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It turned out to be the dentist, rather than the hygienist, due to a mix-up which for once wasn’t at all my fault. He removed a broken and useless tooth in the back which has been scheduled for the chop for more than a year, and was beginning to give trouble.

He wouldn’t let me leave until the bleeding had completely stopped – and I had no knitting. Let that be a lesson to me.

I hadn’t cast on a new pair of socks since I finished Joe’s 21st birthday pair, although the yarn for the next ones was in the knitting bag which of course I took with me. But there turned out not to be any needles in there, for some unimaginable reason. I was condemned to an hour of Hello magazine (always nice to catch up) and Scottish Field.

Angel, I’m afraid what you need, dentist-wise, is Mr. van Schaik of Dublin St. He would never have put you through such an ordeal.

He lives in the country, near Perth, and commutes to Edinburgh – I have spoken of him before. He grows vegetables, and I am sure grows them with the meticulous attention to detail which be brings to dentistry. I was comforted to learn that his vegetables, too – although not assailed by rabbits or frost – are standing around doing nothing, for lack of warmth, just like mine.


I re-assessed the Aran sleeve, despite feeling yesterday rather as if I had been kicked by a mule, and found an elementary mistake in arithmetic which emboldened me to rip it out and start again with a more gentle incline. I have already made a mistake in the plaited cables – an over where it should go under. I won’t know until later whether I’ve done the arithmetic right this time, and the sleeve will be wide enough when it’s long enough.

There should be enough for a photograph soon. I am doing the underarms EZ’s way this time – a four-stitch st st “seam” in the middle with purl stitches on either side. Instead of sand stitch which was rather heavy going. I have just reached the place where I have enough new stitches that I must decide whether or not to add (unconventionally) a new pattern. I did that on the first draft, and it looked rather odd.


  1. Jean, I saw this and thought of you! It is much nearer you than me but even so Inverness may be too far for you from Edinburgh!
    Even so it does look an interesting event with great people and good workshops.

  2. I;ve been meaning to mention (with all this talk of sorrel and fat hen etc) a nice cookery book I have called 'food from green places' which covers some of this ground, and which has an excellent recipe for onion tart. yum. I'll have a look sometime and see if it has anything to offer on good king henry and other such things.