Saturday, August 20, 2011

I am knitting the last round of the border of the Mourning Shawl– k2tog, YO, all the way around. Tonight I should start the centre. “MCRM” is charted, and the maths, I hope, done – on every 5th and 6th row, I need to take two stitches instead of one from the edges right and left. Very exciting. I hope I will have enough done before we go back to Strathardle to show you how it’s working. The whole scheme of things should be much more visible once the four borders are on four separate lengths of waste yarn.

The new IK has turned up and been rather neglected in all the recent excitement. It’s a good ‘un – no danger of my dropping that subscription, or of going digital. A knitting magazine needs to be in a format which can be read in the bath.

I’m going to get – again, not in digital form – Mr. Post-Quinn’s book on double knitting when it comes out, although, as with the recent brioche book, I probably won’t knit from it. I’m tempted by “Knitting Around the World” (on the books page) and by “My Grandmother’s Knitting”, although less so, for the latter.

There are some nice patterns. The Dahlia cardigan attracts – I’m keen on asymmetrical droop these days and in fact bought myself some yesterday at Marks and Spencer’s. Games Day is the third point in the year when one tries to spruce oneself up a bit, the others being Christmas and Easter.

And those Hex Mex stockings! Would they really stay up?

This is the card Helen and her boys gave me for my birthday:

(The answer is, when it’s lace, you count.)


  1. Anonymous5:42 PM

    I agree: knitting mags really need to be suitable for tub reading. If only Twist Collective were in print! - that's become my favorite over the past year or so.

    I like the boys' sense of humor.
    -- Gretchen

  2. Alasdair is a good friend and fellow member of our Wednesday night knitting group at the LYS. I've been watching him bring stunning projects for years AND participate in conversation while working on them. We're all really excited about the book coming out.

    Did you know that he has a blog? He publishes every so often, but will be doing more with the book support.

    I enjoy reading about your knitting progress and life in general. Thanks for writing,