Saturday, August 13, 2011

A quickie.

I’m not going to make it across town this morning to Tea Tree Tea and Myrna Stahman, alas. Too much happening. I want to be able to set out towards Oedipus with Mungo at midday in reasonable fettle. I was once on a tour bus from Athens to Delphi (or back) sitting next to a distinguished professor of classics who pointed out to me the crossroads where Oedipus met his father. I think I can see where it must have been, on a Google map.

Knitting progresses. I will report both on the shawl and the beginnings of the Japanese shirt when life calms down again. Tuesday?


  1. Enjoy Oedipus. And have a happy birthday!

  2. I think we got lost at that crossroads. Have fun with your grandson and Oedipus. I wish I could send you some of my walking onions. I've tried to eradicate them this year and they are popping up everywhere.