Monday, November 07, 2011

Kate, I’m a long-time fan, and feel honoured that you should stop by here. I’ve now got the Warriston pattern and the first issue of Textisles. Nor was it difficult, once I applied myself.

And you’re right about Warriston-the-place – it’s a delightful walk. We don’t get down there any more because my husband isn’t spry enough. We used to enjoy it, and if there were solitary gents lurking in the bushes (as there occasionally were) they were doing no harm and weren’t interested in us anyway. I shop on Broughton Street every day, the Rainbow Centre of Edinburgh.

But the double association with death remains, crematorium and cemetery.


Little Thomas’s sleeve progresses well. The place where the new skein of yarn begins can be detected, but you have to know what you’re looking for. The colour-match is extraordinarily good. I’m not going to worry. Little Thomas is the youngest grandchild, and almost certain to remain so, so there’s no one for him to hand the sweater on to. I’m not knitting for posterity.

The only possible conclusion is that “Tosh DK (formerly known as tosh worsted)” and “Tosh Merino DK” are two different yarns, although both consist entirely of superwash merino wool. Confusing. I wonder which I’ll be getting next week for my Effortless, when my sister delivers the Jimmy Bean order I had sent to her. I hope (and expect) that I’m getting the plyed version, Tosh DK.


I’m sorry to hear about your flu, Angel. That’s thoroughly bad news. We have an appointment for our shots next week, on Wednesday the 16th. I was in Boots the other day, picking up a prescription as so often, and looked to see whether I could just have the shot there and then for a modest payment, as you did, Jean. But the leaflets made it clear that it has to be done through one’s doctor around here.

I at last got a look at Rowan’s lace book that day. Hesitated, but didn’t buy it. The accompanying yarn, “Fine Lace”, is awfully nice – alpaca and merino wool in a small range of gentle colours. I may go back.

We have the prospect of a nice calm week ahead, the only external event being the briefest of visits from Greek Helen on Friday. She’ll hardly be here long enough to fill us in on news from Athens. Then all sorts of excitements next week. A new one has been added in the last few days, in the form of a man from the Tate who is going to sit down with my husband’s magnum opus and consider how it can be reduced to a scale that the Y*le University Press can cope with. We’ve been waiting for him for nearly two years.


  1. Dawn in NL10:12 AM

    How exciting about the man from the Tate. I often wondered how far the m.opus was from publication.

  2. Flu (and other shots) are available seasonally at most pharmacies here. I dropped in on Friday to pick up a prescription and some shampoo and had my flu and the pneumonia shots. This year's flu shot was painless (other than the cost, our lovely, expensive so-called "health" insurance doesn't pay anything toward the preventative vaccinations, so the two together cost me $100!) but the pneumonia one, which apparently is good for 10 years, is still lumpy and sore several days later. I had the shingles vaccine, also expensive but very worth it, several years ago.

  3. Jean, the feeling is mutual - I've been stopping by here for many years. And I agree about the crem - which is over the fields behind our flat. When I first moved in, it took me a good while to figure out that what I initially took for bagpipe practice was, in fact, the sound of funerals.