Thursday, November 24, 2011

Y’all have a good Thanksgiving.

I didn’t mean to fish for compliments yesterday, but they were all very much appreciated anyway. Google Analytics – Theo steered me there, long ago; I don’t often visit these days – says that there are about 275 of us, 300 on a really good day. So I knew that the “Follower” count didn’t really count. Still...number 100, most appropriately, is Willkommen!

Thanks for the help with bauble-knitting, Shandy. I agree, they are addictive. I am nearly finished with my first one, but can see that already. I looked up theraineysisters, and am interested in the idea of knitting a polystyrene ball into the bauble as one proceeds. In the old days it would have been at least a day’s hard work, finding one. Now we’ve got Google. And I’ll consider knitting flat and seaming. I loathe purling two colours, but one can do anything for 64 stitches.

So what with that, I didn’t reach the armpits of the little Brownstone yesterday after all, but am now only half a dozen rounds short, if that.

And yesterday brought both the “early winter” VK and “Knits Men Want”. The big news is that VK has a whole half-page about Kate Davies and Textisles. If that’s not glory, I can’t imagine what might be.

I was sorry to hear of Judy Sumner’s death. She was a towering figure in my KnitList days, and a cyber friend.

“Knits Men Want” is a good concept, full of lively text. Jared contributed the photography, a plus. I will certainly find a template there for the gardening sweater I hope to knit for Ed. I am taken aback, however, in the section on sock-knitting, to read, “Sock yarn…just isn’t practical for men’s socks since it’s too light and thin….Men like hand-knitted socks that are thick, warm and comfortable.” My experience doesn’t bear that out. The men I knit socks for in sock yarn, wear them. Nor do the socks seem “light and thin” until they are wearing out, many years later. Poof.

But talking about “thick, warm and comfortable” – Zite, this morning, has both Solitude Wool’s Dorset Boot Sock kits and the Yarn Harlot’s blog post about knitting herself a pair almost instantaneously. I’m sort of tempted. 


  1. I agree about the sock yarn - I've had to hunt down esp. fine sock yarns (they are not all the same, even if the contents are 75%w/25p) - to knit socks that fit nicely into normal shoes! might be different for a guy, who only wears birkenstocks?:))

  2. GrannyPurple6:26 PM

    My husband's foible is that he owns socks in several different weights and has been known to go shoe/boot shopping with a selection of them for trying on purposes. For a quick gratification knit, I like doing "2 sock yarn socks" for him, and they fall into his heaviest category. Now that he is (mostly) retired, there is no limit on colours!