Sunday, December 04, 2011

The ball in Beijing

James says Mr Salmond was there, but left before the dancing.

It almost gives me hope that one day someone will get married, and I will see the Princess shawl in action.

We had a grand time at the Portrait Gallery yesterday, and I greatly look forward to going back soon and seeing some art. The impression is splendid. Our niece and I had coffee in the large & excellent café and then did some small but useful shopping in the equally excellent shop. And looked at only the tiniest corner of ground-floor art including a resident Vetriano (private collection on long-term loan) which may at last silence the critics who complain that he isn’t represented in any national collection.

But the main thing so far is that that wonderful first space, which we have loved and missed for so long, is even better than before, with an additional fresco’d gallery open above.


The Little Brownstone ought to be finish-able in another two sessions, even allowing for underarm grafting and loose ends.

Thanks for the help with hats. Daisy, I’ve downloaded and printed “Strib”. It looks just what I’m after. I watched people’s heads yesterday in the Portrait Gallery, John Lewis, & the street – that is very much the favoured shape. Watchcaps can be too hot, even in quite cold weather, and the double layer of ribbing can roll down over the eyes if not secured.

Ruth and Hat, I will explore Knitspot & WoolleyWormhead. Now I’d like a couple of months for uninterrupted hat-knitting.

While we are recommending websites to each other – Zite came up with this one for me the other day, Yarnista’s “17 things I do not want to knit”. I do miss “You Knit That?”

Grannypurple, I thought that was an interesting remark of yours, that downloadable patterns may be affecting the quality of patterns in magazines. You can see why designers would prefer that path. Annie Modesitt often writes eloquently about magazines and copyright, with me not paying too much attention. But I think the gist is that when magazines re-sell patterns for download, as they often do, the designer doesn’t get much, if anything. Whereas when they sell themselves from their own websites, they get everything. We even pay for ink and printing!

In olden times, women’s magazines printed quantities of patterns every week or month, Woman, Woman’s Own, She, doubtless others. The indomitable Woman’s Weekly maintains the tradition. But in the 50’s and 60’s, I used to wonder whether the patterns were not often fed to the magazines from the spinners, and sometimes represented ideas which were slightly too adventurous to be produced as one of the spinner’s own leaflets. 


  1. Maureen in Fargo2:01 PM

    I no longer print my patterns downloaded from the 'net, I transfer them to my iPad and read them in iBooks, or even better now, GoodReader! I can place a line on my charts in GoodReader and put notes on the pattern so who needs to print?! I've dropped all my magazine subscriptions now as I find I prefer most of the patterns sold by the individual designers anyway.

    The jabot looks great, what a handsome man your son is in his finery!

  2. Donice2:33 PM

    The jabot looks wonderful in situ! And thanks for the link to the knitted oddities.

  3. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Love the jabot! He looks very handsome and his wife also looks lovely.

    Beverly in NJ

  4. Anonymous6:57 PM

    The jabot is exquisite! What a handsome couple in all their finery. I hope many attending the ball noticed and admired the beautiful jabot.

    My one and only trip to Scotland was about 6 years ago, and I stayed in a hotel on Princes Street. On that Saturday night, there was some formal function at a much larger (and grander) hotel down the street. I saw couples arriving for the occasion, and the men all looked so handsome (and sexy--oops!) in their formal jackets and kilts.

    Mary G. in Texas

  5. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Have you heard or seen any of these fantastic 'objects d'art' in your branch library?

    Wonderful Ball pics. Very romantic.

    Did you meet your husband at a Ball like this?

  6. China Doll 0039:56 PM

    The last comment was from China Doll 003.
    sorry for the 'slippage'

  7. What a success the jabot is, you must be pleased to see it used and looking so perfect.