Thursday, December 08, 2011

Greek Helen is meant to be with us this evening. And central Scotland (=us) is meant to be having a serious storm, indeed is pretty wet and windy already. My considerable experience of life suggests that forecast storms rarely turn out to be quite as bad as forecast, and anyway this one seems to be forecast to be worse in the west (=Glasgow & Loch Fyne). Helen’s husband David is a worrier after my own heart, and will keep me informed through the day.

If I’m not here tomorrow, it ought to mean that Helen is here. She emailed yesterday to say that she would do the ironing, as long as she was allowed to cross it off the list. Alas, she would have to enlist Rumpelstiltskin to get her through that pile, and it isn’t on the list anyway – it seems like cheating to include normal, non-December things that have to be done all the time. Cook lunch. Wash up. But it was a kind thought. We are greatly blessed in all four of our children.

Little to report on the knitting front. I’ve started the crown decreases for the red beanie – finish this evening, perhaps. Zite showed me a red scarf pattern this morning – never mind the pattern, a scarf in madelinetosh scarlet would light up the winter all right. Thot for next year.

And I meant to say, a propos the little Brownstone, that mixing madelinetosh yarn from various sources seems to work fine. Dye lot really doesn’t matter. That sweater has all three of my purchases – the first sleeve gets about to the elbow with the yarn originally ordered from Amsterdam for Thomas-the-Elder’s sweater. Then it switches to that odd, unplyed yarn from Happy Knits, and finally back to the original sort, this time from Jimmy Bean. The Knitting Police could find the demarcation lines, but I am perfectly happy with the result. Irregularities are all subsumed, to my eye, in the delicious not-quite-uniformity of the dye.

Zite also led me this morning to a video of Arne & Carlos at home. You can see it on their website. They are older than they might at first appear, I am sorry to have to tell you. I went there hoping for some hint of sweater designs from them, but there is nothing. I have formed the tentative intention of a funky Norwegian design for the 2012 Calcutta Cup sweater. I ought to be able to do it myself, anyway. First win your rugby match.


When I was distinctly young, I remember (I think) that Civil War veterans, one or two, still turned out for Memorial Day parades. Now Pearl Harbor survivors are getting pretty rare. Three whole separate centuries are involved here, counting me, the observer, in the 21st. 


  1. Keep your fingers crossed for my husband - currently in Inverary - and hoping to make it back to Edinburgh before nightfall. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your visitor too.... DVWP has never been so fitting!

  2. I hope Greek Helen is able to arrive amidst the storm today. I looked at the BBC report and it sounds like this one might live up to the forecast expectations.

    About lists. It would cheating to put normal jobs on your list any other month of the year. But it is perfectly acceptable to sprinkle your list with a few of these during December. Anything to keep the spirits up!

    And I meant to comment yesterday on your little Brownstone. It is terrific, and I am sure your grandson will love it!

  3. Anonymous5:46 PM

    By all means, put the daily chores on your list. They're all genuine accomplishments in a busy month.

    Was it Anne Hanson's Crazy Quilt scarf that Zite found for you? Not only is it a handsome design, but she's donating all her December proceeds from the pattern to an excellent cause. See her Knitspot blog for the details.

    The oldest veterans I've known served in WWI. I still consider myself to have tricentennial exposure, however, as all my grandparents, greataunts and greatuncles were children of the 19th century, while my youngest friends are children of the 21st.
    -- Gretchen

  4. He didnt make it - turned back after seeing lorry flipped over - I hope Greek Helen fared better...

  5. Pamela in NNY2:20 PM

    I will sometimes add a particularly time consuming task onto my list...after I've completed it...just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing it off the said list. That may be a true instance of cheating, but as Kristie says, anything to keep the spirits up.
    I found another video clip you may enjoy featuring Arne and Carlos. Several sweaters, a lovely scarf, and a runway show of non-knitted items are sprinkled throughout the seven minute clip. On YouTube, type in NRKNASJONALGALLERIET, to access the video.