Thursday, April 05, 2012

He did a good job on my hair. Today will be largely devoted to polishing shoes and deciding on clothes.

The yarn for the snood arrived. It’s pretty wonderful, although all I want in life is to go on knitting Zauberball socks forever. I also had a slightly confused email from the Royal Mail, strongly implying that something is wrong with the Fee2Pay website. So why not close it down for a while?

I made good progress with the current sock, and should get to a point somewhere near the heel today.

When we get back and the current socks are finished,  I will face up to winding each of the Shibui skeins into three equal balls, and swatching (on other yarn) some possible stitches for the snood, starting perhaps with the one Jared uses for his Convoy scarf, which I have bought, although I don’t entirely like the sound of that triple tuck.

Flipping through Walker I just now, I am rather taken with the veil stitch, p. 165.  I want something open and simple. The instructions sound totally impossible, but a couple of YouTube instructional videos later, it seems as if it might be do-able. Bird’s Eye mesh, p. 197, is another possibility. Big needles.

Dining room

The insurance company rang up to promise a specialist drying-out company. I hope I hear from them today., and I hope their services will include the manoeuvre you describe, Tamar, or something equivalent. The ceiling is very high. We couldn’t reach it. The dehumidifier seems to be having some effect. That awful smell of dampness is much diminished, and the carpets are no longer sodden.

Our main job now is to finish making a catalogue of damage to things.

It occurred to me last night to marvel that the ceiling has not only stayed up, and not even bulged, through the wetness of all that water but has also sustained the weight of it.


The Paschal moon will be full tomorrow. Have a good weekend, everybody, with or without Weston’s Vintage Cider. I should be back here Tuesday, insh’Allah


  1. Have a lovely Easter weekend Jean x

  2. Have a lovely and cidery Easter weekend.

  3. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Happy Easter, Jean.
    -- Gretchen

  4. I hope you have a lovely Easter with your family Jean. I am anxious to hear if your grandsons like helping you pick out the colours for your Sky Scarf. Hopefully it will only be shades of blue that are needed!

  5. i reeally wish I could knit socks !! I think anyone that can do that is ever so clever. I might go on a knitting sock workshop if i can fit one in . Great to see a knitting blogg
    happy tuesday