Saturday, April 28, 2012

Of course you can post a quotation from me on Facebook, FiberQat. I am honoured that you should want to.

Life moves forward. The insurance company is going to arrange for the dismantlement of the ceiling, and pay the contractor directly. I hope we’ll see some action next week. Then David from ChemDry will come back and see what state the timbers are in. He also wants to inspect a layer of “deafening” which (even with the ceiling down) is best seen from above, by taking up the neighbours’ floorboards, I am happy to tell you.

The man Helen C.K.S. recommended is going to remove three large pieces of furniture on Monday, and keep them in store somewhere. We've got to spend the rest of the weekend moving as much as possible out of the room. My husband is not strong enough to do much, but he is well capable of thinking about it and organising it and getting cross about any decision of a what-could-go-where nature which I might make on my own.

A furniture restorer came yesterday and will soon let us have an estimate. Then begins the struggle to get Upstairs to pay.

Kristie is engulfed by chaos too, and has been good enough to include a cross reference to me. I don't mind chaos, really. But I hate crossness, and dealing with the world.

I was overtaken by a sudden, dreadful depression yesterday. On top of all this, the iPad lost contact with the internet. I rebooted it several times to no effect. This morning I tried re-starting the BT Hub which radiates wi-fi over a small area at this end of the house. That did the trick, and things seem better in general, as often in the morning. There doesn’t even seem to be as much stuff in the dining room as there was yesterday.


Not much of that, but some. I put a strong, irrelevant stripe into the Sky Scarf for the missed days, and we’re now back on course. For the moment. Today’s stripe is done, a nice blue one. And I reached stripe BBB on the snood. So that’s colour C finished – only tiny fragments remain, but that was the idea. And if C can do it, so can B.  There should be no more need to knit fast in order to finish the stripe before the yarn runs out.


  1. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Funny, isn't it, how we all have to knit faster in case the yarn runs out? Crazy...

  2. I was in such a hurry to get that blog post written I forgot to mention Crossness, but we had an ample supply of that here as well. I often deal with Crossness now by plugging in my iPod and pretending I can't hear it. :-)

    I hope you are able to get things sorted out this week. And am I a terrible person for smiling when I read the neighbour' floorboards must come up?

  3. =Tamar11:44 PM

    Can they put in a layer of waterproofing while they have the floorboards up?

    Do you have /can you borrow something with wheels, such as a dolly (or wheelbarrow?), to move piles of things to other rooms? It can save an astonishing amount of walking.

    Cheers for the scarf!

  4. Well Jean I got to say Hello to Maureen in Fargo in person today, as she was in Minneapolis for YarnOver. Friends of Jean are everywere! I did have a bit a smirk when I heard the neighbors floor boards had to come up.

  5. Maureen in Fargo1:14 AM

    Yes it was fun to say hello to Mary Lou this morning, unfortunately we didn't have long to chat as I needed to get on with my shopping in the market before class. My class was Estonian Lace with Nancy Bush and I can now make perfect Nupps so I accomplished my objective!!

    Well at least your upstairs neighbors will be involved in the mess they caused.......