Friday, May 25, 2012

A haar again this morning. I suspect it will soon be hot.

I had a fairly productive day yesterday, although not productive of news on the dining-room-ceiling front.

I dispatched Lizzie’s socks to London, had my photograph taken in a booth for use on my new driving license, paid in some cheques to the bank, laid in supplies for Strathardle whither we are going today. I should reappear here next Thursday. I’ll take the whole pile of paper and get to work on the telephone on Monday morning, ceiling-wise.

It will be very interesting to see whether those poor seeds, consigned a fortnight ago to the cold, cold ground, have made the effort to grow. I’ll re-sow, if not.

Joan Schrouder is going to be in Edinburgh for a day next month. She’s teaching on a Holland America cruise which will dock at South Queensferry. We are trying to contrive a meeting – that’ll be the day the ceiling comes down, of course.  I met her at my 2nd Camp Stitches, on Lake George in 2000. That year, we could do three-day classes with one teacher. I and my pals opted for Joan’s shawl course – a day each devoted to Shetland, Orenburg, and Faroese.

The socks are getting on nicely – about half-way from heel to ribbing. Thank you very much indeed for your answers to my question about how to slip stitches. I am particularly taken with the idea of twisting the chain stitches along the edge of a standard heel flap.


I continue to yield to none in my dislike of the Olympics, but I have to confess to a growing enthusiasm for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It is only the second time this has happened in the history of the monarchy, which encompasses quite a considerable stretch of time – think Aethelred the Unready, and then go on back. The other instance was, of course, Victoria, and it was on that occasion, I learn from Googling, that the phrase “diamond jubilee” was coined.

Victoria was only my age at the time – gosh! – but was too feeble to do other than travel in a carriage for a grand procession in London. Whereas the present incumbent, more my husband’s age, is bounding about hither and yon making public appearances almost daily. The flotilla on the Thames on June 3 will be rather wonderful.

And no one alive on earth today is at all likely to see another such occasion.

I’d better go faff about with preparations for departure.


  1. I put a suggestion on my blog that the Olympics could usefully be returned permanently to Greece - would save the Greek economy and save the rest of us from a great deal of bribery, corruption and disruption.

  2. Jean, after we planned our annual "tour of inspection" of the British branch of our family, we were absolutely delighted to realize that it would include Jubilee Weekend--and our son's office apparently overlooks the Thames, so we look forward to a fine view of the flotilla. And I agree with catdownunder--the IOC has become a major bully in the world, and should be limited to one geographical place to operate.

  3. GrannyPurple11:12 AM

    Oops, computer operator glitch, I'm not Gr but GrannyPurple!

  4. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Catdownunder, that's a great idea. I'll sign the petition.

    Jean, I too am quite taken with the Jubilee (given my interest in history, social history, and English literature I've read a great deal about Victoria's). In my childhood my grandparents gave me a lovely little onion-skin Bible which is a Coronation commemorative edition: pictures of Westminster Abbey within and heraldic lions and the EIIR cipher on the front. Are Jubilee editions on offer now?
    -- Gretchen

  5. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Thank you for your mention, Jean, concerning my twisting the chain stitches on the edge of a heel flap. It works because I alway knit at least the first and last 2 sts on the purl side [and often make it 4 sts each end]. The resulting garter stitch ridge [or purl bump] makes it easier to keep track of the length of my flap and the chain edge automatically twists from knitting the first stitch. Makes it snug and takes up some of the slackness slipped stitches create. Joe-in Wyoming

  6. Anonymous4:12 AM

    I also agree with catdownunder. Maybe we could start a movement...

    Beverly in NJ

  7. Hi Jean,
    you put me to shame with your lovely blog and all your interesting news....
    one week of study and a few nice sunny days and I haven't made it back to it to type some more.
    Half term next week so maybe I will have another go!!

    Went to a sock knitting class and made my 1st proper sock, it is only a baby one and I still have the other one to make. I shall put them away for my 1 st grandchild...!!
    I intend to post a picture of it on the blog....
    I imagine the weather has been glorious for you in Scotland, a spot of warm weather is SO good for the soul.... like singing!!