Sunday, May 06, 2012

The computer at its absolute worst this morning – and time is tight on Sundays.

I am grateful for your sympathy. Things seem a bit better this morning. Time and the hour will get us through even this, as you rightly say, Shandy. My sister and her husband will be here tomorrow. And last night I thought of a delicious revenge.

My mother was a world-class writer of Nasty Letters. The secret is not to overdo it. I have tried throughout life not to emulate her, although I have written one or two in my time. When all this is over, I might send one Upstairs, listing in detail the expense to us all which has not been repaid (Joe’s train fare, storing the furniture unless I can bring the insurance around on that one – and there’s bound to be a lot more), with a sentence or two about old age and mental suffering.

Composing and polishing this document in my head may keep me cheerful for quite a while. I may even have the strength of character not to send it.

And it occurred to me just this morning that wallpaper people can probably be asked to deliver sample books here and take them away. Getting around to their shops is not as easy for my husband as it was when the dining room was decorated in the first place.

We’ve been short of pictures lately.

My brother-in-law sent this one from Amsterdam yesterday. The Latin inscription says, "If God is for us, who can stand against us?"

Alexander went hill-climbing with his family last weekend. We are here looking down on the Rest and Be Thankful.

Here is Lizzie’s first Hundertwasser sock, finished last night. I have embarked on the casting-on of the second. I am excited about all the sock-knitting possibilities that keep opening before me.

And here, finally, is the elegant job my husband and Joe made of stacking boxes from the dining room in the spare room, while I was unloading the bookcase and corner cupboard.

I didn’t get the snood blocked. And I fear the Sky Scarf is slipping away from me. Variations of grey and blue have become a bit tedious.

The big news yesterday was the arrival of “wearwithall” from the Yarnery. But computer sloth and Sunday pressure compel me to leave that for tomorrow.


  1. I actually think you might be right to send the letter Jean. It may have been an accident caused by carelessness but people are increasingly careless of the impact their actions have on others and need reminding from time to time that 'do unto others etc.' means them too. You should be inundated with help and fresh flowers by way of an apology.

    Take care of yourself x

  2. I adore the Hundertwasser sock - the colours are marvelous.

    And curiousity has gotten the better of me. What do you keep in the tea boxes? Your stash?

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  4. Not only do you have the right to send the letter but I think you and your husband should be reimbursed for all expenses. Have you asked them? Is there such a thing as small claims court? The threat of action might bring upstairs around to paying.
    I did make such a threat once after asking politely to be reimbursed when a neighbors child ran into me with his bike. The trip to ER and the numerous stitches to my leg cost $300 more than the neighbors insurance company was willing to pay. The neighbor paid and I'm not sorry I demanded it. When people damage you or your property they should be held responsible.

  5. It might make you feel better to write that letter, Jean, but you should think long and hard about actually sending it. In all my years of flooding and being flooded in Edinburgh tenements, I've never heard of anyone doing such a thing and if you were my neighbour, I would probably think you were crazy. I once had a New Town ceiling actually fall in owing to water damage from upstairs and I know what a grim experience it is. I’ve also not heard of anyone paying for damage to someone else’s property: you insure your own property and not your liability for damaging other people’s. Who was it who advised you not to have contents insurance? I think that’s who you should be having a word with.

  6. "the Sky Scarf is slipping away from me. Variations of grey and blue have become a bit tedious."

    I know it wouldn't be a sky scarf but have you thought about selecting something else? Perhaps the backyard? Or the street view from the front door?

    Do those until the last days of August and then return to sky colors. You would then have equal amounts of sky framing garden, or street, or whatever you selected.

  7. Those metal boxes look like my parents' immigration trunks. Good luck! Several times in my life I've had disasters like this and I always found it easier in the end just to let it all go.