Friday, July 13, 2012

On we go.

That is great news indeed, Lou, that Kate Davies and Debenham’s have reached so happy a settlement. Vastly better on all possible fronts than a prolonged legal battle over details.

But I am sorry that Ravelry caved in over “Ravelympics”. I can utterly understand why they did so, but I think they had a strong case – they weren’t using the word “Olympics” and they were, in fact, promoting the wretched Games. I think the US Olympic committee might have backed away, faced with the Knitters of the World.

And that reminds me that “Twenty Twelve” is broadcasting a final three programmes, the first of them this past Tuesday and therefore presumably still available on the BBC website. It is very, very funny. So funny it is hard to distinguish from news broadcasts about cracks in the M4 and huge queues at the immigration desks at Heathrow and the army called in to handle security.

Let’s stay cheerful as long as we can. It’s great to have the Curmudgeon back.  Franklin is never less than brilliant – don’t miss his flowchart to help you decide whether or not to knit for someone. Link in sidebar.

And yesterday I got a wonderful package from Harriet – NOT sock yarn, but bunching onions, garlic chives, Babbington leeks and walking onion bulbils from her garden. Harriet didn’t want a Crazy Zauberball, and suggested a donation to p/hop which I have happily made. A particularly appropriate charity, as the Hours of Pleasure from that package are going to be considerable.

I thought I was pretty well up in the subject of alliums, but Babbington leeks are new to me, and sound very interesting. Harriet has sent bulbils – not much larger than a large kernel of corn – and suggests that I plant them in damp soil which won’t be difficult in 2012. I will read all about them in my books – especially Perennial Vegetables – when we get to Strathardle next week.

The bunching onions and garlic chives are vigorous plants – I hope conditions in Strathardle aren’t going to be too much of a shock for them. I have heeled them in in my herb trough on the doorstep. As you can see, we had a few moments of sunshine in Edinburgh yesterday. The postie and I had a happy conversation on the subject as she was handing over the box shortly before this picture was taken. Nothing similar since.

OK, news.

We have suspended work on the dining room for a fortnight, and will go to Strathardle with James and his family on Monday as planned. It’s sad to have the saga drag on, but this was the best of the choices. I think my husband and I succeeded in choosing a wallpaper yesterday. To be looked at again in this morning’s gloomy light. (Habemus papyram! perhaps.) The men painted the cornice and skirting yesterday and the colour doesn’t match the old paint (which remains on shutters and doors) – it’s meant to be dark grey and is in fact far too blue. My first job for today is to ring them up and tell them. My husband just gets cross. I have to interact with the world.


  1. So sorry about the paint problem. Who picked the colour for the new paint? Was it the Men? If it was, need I say more?!

  2. Catriona1:25 PM

    Enjoy your holiday with family and hopefully yhe weather will be better for you all

  3. I hope the dining room is reduced to "out of sight, out of mind" while you're off with James and his family.

  4. =Tamar5:30 PM

    Is the paint entirely dry? I've seen paint change color dramatically from wet to dry.

    Have a wonderful vacation. Things are bound to look clearer when you return.

  5. Have us papyrus made me snort my tea. Book 3 of the Shetland series could have used a stricter hand by the editor, to my mind. I wonder if I could grow babbling ton leeks? My walking onions have turned into more of a garden pest than a pleasure, as they are only useful if I manage to get to them when they are very new.

  6. Please pardon all those auto correct errors. I forget to look for them when using the iPad.