Sunday, July 08, 2012


Murray and Federer have played each other 15 times, I read somewhere yesterday, and Murray has won eight of those matches. So it could happen.

The Wimbledon fortnight is always a Big Thing in my year, but the Men’s Final is normally, for me, no more than a mildly interesting coda. I don’t remember being emotionally involved since Arthur Ashe beat Jimmy Connors in ’75. On looking up the date just now, I discover that Ashe was 32 at the time, and that Federer, if he wins today, will be the first man over 30 to do so since that day.

There was a comedy-thriller in the 40’s – I think both the words “man” and “tomorrow” are in the title – about someone who had access to the next day’s newspapers. He was doing rather well at the races until he saw the headline about his own death. Tomorrow, like yesterday, there will be pictures of Andy Murray on all the front pages (unless the sky falls in) – but what pictures? What will he be doing?

Judy’s Magic Cast-On

I did it! I can’t go so far as to say, I got it! because I don’t understand how it works and I don’t even know what I did differently that time to make it work. But as you say, Christine, it was a magic moment – and makes a beautiful toe.

I think we need a generic name for this sort of cast on – Judy’s Magic and Turkish and Suzanne’s cheap-and-cheerful. I think I have seen Judy’s referred to as “provisional”, which it certainly isn’t. Circular? Double-sided?

(In Suzanne’s words:  “I cast-on 12 or 14 stitches via a cable cast-on, then kfb in each stitch. I slip the stitches onto two needles, alternating front and back. Then I knit them onto the three or four needles I'm using for the sock and start my increases.” This one leaves a ridge, but who cares?)

I’m close enough to the end that I should finish Alexander’s socks today, unless the tennis has an absolutely paralyzing effect. I’ve cast on the next ones in a non-crazy Zauberball, the unplyed type. So far so good.


  1. Christine11:51 AM

    When you've done Judy's Magic Cast On once it becomes easier every time. I found working out which end of the yarn goes where was the key, tail end & working yarn, front or back I mean. Then it's logical. Good luck with the next sock

  2. Judy - Judy Becker has produced a book - Beyond Toes wherein she uses her cast on provisionally. Where one would normally graft 2 halves of a shawl together she has cast on provisionally and worked one direction and then goes back to the other half of the cast on stitches and works the other half of the shawl. The coffee hasn't kicked in so I'm not sure this makes sense.

  3. =Tamar7:40 PM

    Yes, Judy's Magic Cast On can be used provisionally. Just put one side of it on a holder. It's very neat, and at least once I managed to do it without even tying a knot to begin. I seem to have to relearn it every other time, but that's just me, other people learn it perfectly well.

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